House Fire

House Fire

I haven’t been blogging for this last month, because I have been dealing with a huge issue.  Last month, my house caught on fire.  I lost almost everything I own.  My family made it out alright, and for that I am so thankful.  I did lose almost everything I own.  I walked away from my house with my clothes, a stranger’s coat, shoes and socks.  Five weeks later, I am in a spot where I am finally feeling like things have settled down enough that I can start looking at my blog again.

My house fire has been a very frustrating thing to deal with.  I’m so thankful we have insurance, but at the same time, getting everything lined up and dealing with insurance is a huge pain.  We are making it through.

I am so lucky that my hard drive made it through the fire.  My laptop was sitting on my dining room table below.  It is a miracle my hard drive survived and I didn’t lose years of research!  The fire started in our garage (which is behind the far wall in the if photo below) and went through the roof.

I am going from this really nice kitchen my husband and I had just remodeled, to a very small apartment kitchen.  I lost my Kitchen aid mixer…I really lost everything from my kitchen.  You can see from the photo below what I had and what it ended up becoming.

I am really going to do my best to keep this blog going, in spite of this huge set back.  I have a cute little kitchen in my apartment and I should be able to keep making great meals.  Hang tight with me through this rough spot and I promise to bring more great recipes!



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