Welsh Rarebit Recipes from 1912

Welsh Rarebit Recipes from 1912

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Mrs. Strahler’s Welsh Rarebit

First Prize

My recipe for Welsh Rarebit: One pound creamery cheese, one level teaspoon of butter, two tablespoons of cream, one-eighth teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of celery salt, one egg, one tablespoon of ketchup, a dash of cayenne pepper, one-eighth teaspoon of dry mustard.  Welsh rarebit is best made in a chafing dish or a double boiler.  The cheese should be grated or chipped very fine.  Put the cheese, butter and cream into the blazer or upper pan of double boiler and place in hot water pan.  Stir while the cheese is melting, being careful that the mixture does not boil, as it will curdle.  Beat the egg and add to it the ketchup, mustard, celery salt, cayenne pepper and salt.  When the cheese is entirely melted, add the egg mixture and stir until entirely blended.  Then serve immediately on salted reception flakes that have been previously heated in oven or on squares of warm buttered toast.  Mrs. E. F. Strahler, 224 1/2 Quitman-st.  Source: The Dayton Herald – 25 Jan 1912.

Mrs. Strahler's Welsh Rarebit


Mrs. Graham’s Welsh Rarebit

Second Prize

My recipe for Welsh Rarebit is as follows:  Mince one pound of cream cheese fine; melt one tablespoon of butter in the chafing dish; add the minced cheese, one-fourth teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of mustard, few grains of cayenne and one-half teaspoon Worcestershire sauce.  As the cheese melts, add one cup of ale slowly, beating constantly.  When smooth add the yolk of an egg well beaten.  Serve on hot toast.  Mrs. F. L. Graham, 638 Brown-st., City.  Source: The Dayton Herald – 25 Jan 1912.

Mrs. Graham's Welsh Rarebit


Mrs. McColm’s Welsh Rarebit

Third prize

One-half pound cheese, one-fourth teaspoon mustard, one-half teaspoon salt, few grains of cayenne, one-eighth teaspoon cooking soda, one-fourth cup milk, one egg, one teaspoon butter.  Hot toast or crackers.  Heat milk in double boiler, add the cheese, mustard, salt, pepper and soda, which have been mixed together well.  Stir until the cheese melts, then add the well beaten egg and lastly the butter.  Stir until the mixture is smooth and thick.  Pour over hot crackers or toast.  Serve at once.  Mrs. A. F. McColm, Dayton, Ohio, 142 Van Lear-st.  Source: The Dayton Herald – 25 Jan 1912.

Mrs. McColm's Welsh Rarebit


Miss Cook’s Welsh Rarebit

Fourth prize

I find among the numerous recipes that I have tried for Welsh Rarebit this one to be the very best.  Take one-half pound of American cream cheese and cut in small cubes.  Then take two heaping tablespoonfuls of flour and mix well with cheese.  Beat the whole of one egg well, and then mix it with flour and cheese.  This prevents rarebit from becoming stringy.  Then take about one pint of milk.  This will more than cover cheese.  Cook over a moderate fire for about 20 minutes, stirring continually.  when about half done season with one-half teaspoon of salt and dash of cayenne pepper.  Serve with toast or wafers.  Miss Myrtle Cook, 46 Bond-st.  Source: The Dayton Herald – 25 Jan 1912.

Miss Cook's Welsh Rarebit


Mrs. Aughe’s Welsh Rarebit

Fifth Prize

Cut bread into slices about an inch in thickness, allowing a slice for each person; pare off the crust, toast the bread slightly without hardening or burning it, and spread it with butter.  Cut some slices, not quite so large as the bread from a good rich cream cheese; lay them on the toasted bread in a cheese toaster.  Be careful that the cheese does not burn, and let it be equally melted.  Spread over the top a little made mustard and a seasoning of pepper, and serve very hot, with hot plates.  As it is so essential to send this dish hot to the table, it is a good plan to melt the cheese in small round silver or metal pans, and to send these pans to the table, allowing one for each guest.  Slices of dry or buttered toast should always accompany them, with mustard, pepper and salt.  Mrs. J. Aughe, 1514 May-st.  Dayton, Ohio.

Mrs. Aughe's Welsh Rarebit


Mrs. Reynolds’ Welsh Rarebit

Sixth prize

Melt an ounce of butter in the chafing dish or double boiler.  When melted, pour in a gill a good ale or beer, or if you prefer it, the same amount of milk, and when it begins to boil add a half pound of American cream cheese cut in small pieces.  Stir constantly until it forms a smooth, creamy mass, then season with a dash of cayenne pepper, a level teaspoonful of celery salt and a saltspoonful of mustard.  Beat two eggs and add to the mixture.  When blended thoroughly add a teaspoonful each of lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce.  Serve on thin slices of hot toast or hot crackers.  Mrs. Geo. W. Reynolds, 1013 West Second-st.

Mrs. Reynolds' Welsh Rarebit

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