Lamb Chop Recipes from 1920

Lamb Chop Recipes from 1920

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Mrs. De Graf’s Bread Lamb Chops

Take shoulder chops, trim and season with salt and pepper; beat an egg and add one tablespoon of cold water.  Dip the chops in fine, dry bread crumbs then in the beaten egg and again in crumbs.  Fry in deep fat about eight minutes, drain on brown paper.  Heat fat for frying until a cube of bread will turn a golden brown in ninety seconds.  Serve chops around a mount of mashed potatoes.  Either a brown or tomato sauce should be served with the chops.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 31 Oct 1920

Mrs. Belle De Graf's Bread Lamb Chops


Mrs. Rankin’s Chops A La Reine

Third Prize

Eight French lamb chops cut one and one-quarter inches thick; wrap strips of bacon around each chop and fasten together with a toothpick; place in baking pan, bacon side down, pour over each chop one tablespoon tomato catsup and one teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce.  Allow two tablespoons of catsup and two teaspoons of the Worcestershire sauce for the pan.  Bake in oven not quite thirty minutes.  This serves four persons.

Mrs. Joseph J. Rankin, 2640 Van Ness Avenue.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 1 Feb 1920.

Mrs. Rankin's Chops A La Reine


Mrs. Tucker’s Southern Lamb Chops

Season chops with salt and pepper.  Place on top of each chop a thin slice of onion and on top of that a thin slice of lemon.  Cover generously with tomato catsup and bake about half an hour in oven.

Mrs. Warren Tucker Jr., 680 Oakland avenue, Oakland.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 21 Mar 1920

Mrs. Tucker's Southern Lamb Chops



Mrs. Bauer’s Breaded Lamb Chops

Third Prize

Select tender chops one inch thick, remove all extra fat, season with salt and pepper, cover with fine sifted bread crumbs, lay on a rack in a baking pan.  For each chop take one ripe tomato, cut a small circle off the top, scoop out a little of the inside; fill the cavity with fine bread crumbs, season with salt, pepper, a few drops of lemon juice, a little melted butter; dust a little sugar into tomato before stuffing; cover with the circle cut off.  Stand one tomato on each chop and bake in hot oven twenty to thirty minutes.

Mrs. Fred Bauer, 202 Third Street, Santa Rosa.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 19 Sep 1920.

Mrs. Bauer's Breaded Lamb Chops

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