Orange Marmalade Recipes from 1920

Orange Marmalade Recipes from 1920

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Miss Morris’ Orange Marmalade

Cut fine four oranges, two lemons and the juice of another lemon.  Cover with two quarts of water and measure all.  Boil for about an hour, or until the rind is soft.  Then add the same amount of sugar as above measured and cook it until it jellies.  Miss L. Morris, 814 Arguello boulevard.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 27 Jun 1920.

Miss Morris' Orange Marmalde


Miss Tracy’s Orange Marmalade

One orange, 1 lemon, 1 grapefruit, cut in small bits; remove as much of the white part of the rind as possible, as this makes a bitter taste (scissors are good to cut the rind into small bits); put in three times as much water as fruit and let stand one day, then boil ten minutes; the third day put 1 cup of sugar to 1 of fruit and boil two hours slowly over asbestos mats, as it burns easily.  It should jelly in about two hours.  This makes ten glasses.  Miss Tracy, San Rafael.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 26 Dec 1920.

Miss Tracy's Orange Marmalade Recipe


Mrs. Haggard’s Orange Marmalade

Use 2 lemons to 8 oranges; slice them think; let stand 48 hours in water, 3 pints of water to 1 pound of fruit; then boil until tender; set away until cold, then add sugar, pound for pound and boil until it jells.  Mrs. W. J. Haggard, Rodeo.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 16 May 1920

Mrs. Haggard's Orange Marmalade Recipe



Mrs. Modim’s Orange Marmalade

Wash thoroughly two pounds of oranges, place in enameled ware saucepan, having fruit well covered with water.  Boil steadily for three hours.  Great care must be taken in turning the oranges during the cooking process.  A fork must not be used, since the tines may pierce the rind, causing the juices to exude.  Next allow the oranges to cool in the same water they were boiled.  When cooled remove fruit from water.  Cut each orange in four parts.  Carefully remove the center with a spoon and place in a dish ready to measure.  Next cut the outer peel with scissors into lengthwise strips not wider than one-sixteenth of an inch.  If you have not purchased a seedless orange, be very careful that ll seeds are now removed before proceeding, since they cause a bitter flavor.  Measure the amount of orange, the center part together with the outer peel, by cupfuls.  To this add an equal amount of sugar.  To two pounds of orange, the amount this recipe calls for, add one cupful of water and sugar extra.  Cook for twenty minutes, counting from the time the mixture commences to boil.  Stir almost constantly.

Fill glasses and permit it to cool at least twelve hours before serving.  Never attempt to run oranges through a common meat grinder.  If you do you will find that your marmalade is simply a chunky mass, whereas the beauty of this perfect product lines in the thin strips of peel clinging loosely to each other in the golden syrup.  The special feature of this variety of orange marmalade is that it is entirely devoid of the bitter flavor usually connected with other recipes for this otherwise delicious preserve.  Mrs. J. Modim, Richmond

Mrs. Modim's Orange Marmalade Recipe

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