Pineapple Cream recipes

Pineapple Cream recipes

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Mrs. Cambridge’s Pineapple Cream

Chop a quart can of pineapple in small dice, boil until juice is absorbed, beat up pint of cream sweeten and mix with pineapple, set on ice until ready to serve.  This amount makes a tempting dessert for eight or ten guests.

Mrs. W. R. Cambridge, Willow Ranch, Modoc county.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 22 Jun 1919.


Mrs. Cambridge's Pineapple Cream



Mrs. Melson’s Pineapple Cream

One large can sliced pineapple, 1/2 pint cream, 20 marshmallows.  The night before serving open can of pineapple and drain off juice.  Cut slices into small pieces and add marshmallows cut in pieces.  In morning stir several times so marshmallows will dissolve.  Then beat cream and stir into mixture.  Service ice cold in sherbet glasses.

Mrs. M. C. Melson, 345 Peoria Street, Daly City.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 29 Jun 1919

Mrs. Melson's Pineapple cream



Mrs. De Graf’s Pineapple Cream

Whip 1 cupful of cream, adding 2 tablespoons of sugar; fold into the 1/4 cups of chopped nuts, any kind but peanuts; 1 cup of canned pineapple cut in cubes and drained from the juice, 1 cup of marshmallows cut fine; mix well until all is a creamy mass; other fruits may be substituted for the pineapple.  Serve in sherbet cups.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 11 Jan 1920

Mrs. De Graf's Pineapple Cream

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