Scotch Shortbread Recipes from 1920

Scotch Shortbread Recipes from 1920

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Mrs. Bailes’ Scotch Shortbread

One pound butter, three tablespoonfuls (heaping) brown sugar, two tablespoonfuls corn starch, with lard, cream, butter and sugar; add enough flour and the corn starch until thoroughly mixed, then turn out while rough on board.  Knead well until it leaves hands and board clean, like putty, form in a round pressing out from center, roll smooth until an inch thick, cut in squares three inches square, prick with fork, nicely pinch edges, bake on clean shelf, when cooked top and bottom pale brown do not removed from shelf until cold.  Never a failure.

Mrs. J. Bailes, Morgan Hill.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 26 Sep 1920.

Mrs. Bailes' Scotch Shortbread



Mrs. De Graf’s Scotch Shortbread

3 tablespoons butter, 3 heaped tablespoons of Castor, or fine sugar, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.  Method: Beat butter and sugar with hand to a cream.  Add cornstarch with enough flour to thoroughly mix.  Turn out dough on board, knead until it is as smooth as putty and leaves board and hands clean.  Form in a round press out from center, roll smooth until an inch thick; pinch neatly around edges, prick with fork; bake on clean shelf in slow oven until light brown.  Do not remove from shelf until cold.  (This is a correction of the Scotch shortbread recipe, which appeared several weeks ago.  Several inquires have been received regarding.)

Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 17 Oct 1920.

Mrs. De Graf's Scotch Shortbread



Ms. Parker’s Scotch Shortbread

One pound of sifted flour, one cup of butter, one-half cup of sugar and a pinch of salt.  Sift the flour and salt on to a baking board, then knead the butter and sugar together and gradually knead in the flour.  Divide in two pieces; pat each piece into a neat round roll about half an inch thick, prick all over with a fork, pinch round the edges, lay on a papered baking tin and bake in a moderate oven half an hour.  Leave on the tin until cold.  This is a rich and delicious accompaniment for afternoon tea or coffee and is sufficient for eight or nine persons.

Elizabeth Parker, 2329 Franklin street.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 9 May 1920

Ms. Parker's Scotch Shortbread


Ms. De Turk’s Scotch Shortbread

Six ounces sugar, 8 ounces butter, 16 ounces flour, rub butter and sugar together, not creamed.  Then rub flour with butter and sugar until workable dough, then roll out and bake.

Anna De Turk, 201 Pierce street.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 3 Oct 1920.

Ms. De Turk's Scotch Shortbread

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