Baked Ham Recipes from 1910

Baked Ham Recipes from 1910

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Mrs. Altick’s Baked Ham

First Prize

Wash a medium-sized ham, well soaked for twenty-four hours in cold water, changing the water three of four times.  Trim away the rusty parts from underneath, and wipe dry.  Make a thick paste of flour and water only; cover the flesh size of the ham with this paste, place in a baking pan, skin side down, and bake in a moderate oven twenty-five minutes for every pound – basting with sherry wine every ten minutes, until you have used a half pint; then baste with the drippings in the pan.  When done, take off crust carefully, and peel off the skin.  Trim the shank bone with a frill of paper.  With a dredging box sprinkle the fat of the ham over the raspings of rolls or bread, and serve with champagne sauce.  Garnish with pickled beets cut in fancy shapes, olives and parsley.  Mrs. J. W. Altick, 2127 S. Wayne-av., City.  Source: The Dayton Herald – 29 Dec 1910.


Mrs. Altick's Baked Ham


Mrs. Underwood’s Baked Ham

Second Prize

Cover your ham with cold water, and simmer gently.  Just long enough to loosen the skin so that it can be pulled off.  This will probably be from two to three hours, according to the size of your ham when skinned.  Put in a dripping pan in the oven; pour over it a teacup of vinegar and one of hot water, in which dissolve a teaspoonful of English mustard, bake slowly, basting with the liquid for two hours, then cover the ham all over to the depth of one inch with course brown sugar, press it down firmly, and do not baste again until sugar has formed a thick crust, which it will soon do, in a very slow oven, let it remain a full hour in, after covering with sugar, until it becomes a rich golden brown, when done, drain from the liquor in a pan and put on a dish to cool; when it is cool, but no cold, press by turning another flat dish on top, with a weight over it, the pressing makes it cut firmly for sandwiches or slicing.  Mrs. Lester Underwood, 7 Clemmer-st., City.

Mrs. Underwood's Baked Ham




Mrs. Burrows Baked Ham

Third Prize

Boil a well-dried ham thoroughly, let it cook in the liquid in which it was boiled, when cold, remove the rind and prepare a dressing of bread crumbs, mixed with butter, chopped parsley, sugar to taste, small quantity of chopped onion, season with black and red pepper, moistening with a little cream and the liquid from the ham; cover the ham entirely on the upper side and edges with the dressing, bake in a moderate oven until a golden brown.  Mrs. John R. Burrows, Russel Aprt’s, Third and Boulevard, City.

Mrs. Burrows' Baked Ham

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