Twenty Cakes From One Recipe

Twenty Cakes From One Recipe

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Ms. Price’s Twenty Cakes from One Recipe

One large and generous tablespoon butter, one cupful granulated sugar, one and a half cupful flour, into which stir heaping teaspoonful baking powder, half cup milk, two eggs well beaten, half teaspoon salt.  Cream butter and sugar together thoroughly, then stir in whipped eggs and flour sifted with baking powder and last the milk.  Then beat the whole vigorously and bake in a good steady oven.  Sometimes I flavor cake with teaspoon vanilla and bake in a loaf.  Again I drop a half teaspoon lemon extract and a mere grating of nutmeg and bake batter in patty pans, sprinkling little cakes with granulated sugar before slipping them into the oven.  A crisp brown crust is the result.  For rather nice occasions I add two squares of unsweetened chocolate, melted over steam of kettle, to batter, and bake in layers, and put together with boiled icing flavored with lemon.

Another cake from same batter is orange cake, made by grating peel of half an orange in batter to flavor.  Bake orange cake in shallow pan.  When finished ice thickly with orange icing made by squeezing juice of orange into as much powdered sugar as it will absorb and adding some of grated peel.  Cut cake into squares when serving.

Satisfying cheap fruit cake is made by adding cupful seeded raisins (chopped) half cupful cleaned currants and little sliced candied peel.  Flavor cake with cinnamon, nutmeg and any other spices that you desire.  If you wish it rather dark in color, use brown sugar instead of white.  Cake is excellent when iced with brown sugar frosting.  I sometimes make old-fashioned jelly cake of this batter by baking it in several very thin layers, which I spread with tart jelly.  By substituting molasses for milk and a level teaspoon of soda for baking powder and flavoring with ginger and spices, a nice wholesome gingerbread is made.  This may be served hot with lemon sauce in place of pudding.  For a hasty luncheon when unexpected guests arrive serve cake hot, baked in two layers and put together with raspberry or strawberry jam.

I make a delicious nut cake, using the same recipe and adding cupful chopped nuts of any variety desired.  Bake in load and served hot with creamy hard sauce.

Madaline A. Price, 586 Fulton Street.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 13 Apr 1919

Ms. Price's Twenty Cakes in One Recipe

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