Cabbage Recipes from 1904

Cabbage Recipes from 1904

Mrs. Gatchell’s Cabbage

Cabbage should never be cooked with other vegetables or with meats.  The best way is to prepare the cabbage and allow it to stand for an hour or two in cold water.  Then take a cup of water from the kettle in which the meat is cooking, place in a separate keetle with sufficient clear boiling water, a small piece of butter and a little salt.  Put in the cabbage, and boil until tender.  There will be no disagreeable order in the house if the cabbage is cooked in this way.  Mrs. Benjamin Gatchell, 56 Pendexter street, Lynn.  Source: Boston Post – 14 Feb 1904

Mrs. Gatchell's Cabbage Recipe



Mrs. Tuttle’s Cabbage Stew

Take a small head of cabbage.  Chop it fine.  Cook until most done, then drain off water and add quite a little milk.  Finish cooking in the milk and add salt, pepper and butter.  Serve hot.  Mrs. G. H. Tuttle, Rochester.  Source: Boston Post – 20 Mar 1904

Mrs. Tuttle's Cabbage Stew Recipe



Mrs. Lunt’s Creamed Cabbage

Chop half a head of cabbage medium fine.  Have your dinner boiler half full of boiling water; add a handful of salt and when the water is boiling as hard as possible, add the cabbage.  Cook until tender, about three-quarters of an hour, then draw off water; this will leave your cabbage on side of your boiler; handle carefully.  Add 1 pint of milk, lump of butter size of egg, good dash of pepper; after your milk gets hot stir your cabbage from side of boiler into the milk.  Let simmer 10 minutes and serve.  Mrs. S. L. Lunt, Beverly.  Source: Boston Post – 28 Feb 1904

Mrs. Lunt's Creamed Cabbage Recipe



Ms. Harris’ German Cabbage

Take 1 small cabbage, slice and look over.  Then let soak 5 minutes in weak salt and water, then drain, put on in a stewpan, with a little hot water and a piece of butter the size of an egg, little salt and pepper, cover and let cook for 1 1/2 hours, then add 1 teaspoonful of vinegar.  Serve very hot.  Ivie Harris, Concord.  Source: Boston Post – 21 Feb 1904

Ms. Harris' German Cabbage Recipe



Ms. Kenny’s Stewed Cabbage

Boil a nice cabbage, dry well, cut it very finely, adding pepper and salt.  A few slices of green onions, also boiled separately and well chopped.  Put lump of butter in stewpan, let it melt, add cabbage, warm it together, stirring all the time.  Add gravy or little milk.  Mary M. Kenny, Newton.  Source: Boston Post – 7 Feb 1904.

Mrs. Kenny's Stewed Cabbage Recipe

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