Olive Sandwich Recipes

Olive Sandwich Recipes

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Mrs. Kraeger’s Olive Slice

Third Prize

Cut a loaf of bread in quarter inch slices and with a biscuit cutter cut in rounds.  Each round should be about three inches in diameter.  Toast on one side and spread the untoasted surface with the following mixture:  Olive mixture – Finely chop stuffed olives, moisten with stiff mayonnaise, spread on the rounds of bread and decorate with slices of the olives.

Mrs. A. E. Kraeger, 56 Geneva avenue.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 31 Jul 1921

Mrs. Kraeger's Olive Slice Recipe



Miss Oaks’ Olive and Pimento Sandwich

Mash any of the cream cheeses and add chopped olives and pimentos in equal parts.  This mixture requires much salt to make it palatable to most people, the amount depending chiefly on the quantity of pimento used.  The mixture may be spread between thin slices and served on lettuce leaves with French dressing.

Miss Emma Oaks, 1349 Fifth Avenue.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 28 Dec 1919

Miss Oaks' Olive and Pimento Sandwiches Recipe



Mrs. De Graf’s Olive and Cheese Sandwiches

Moisten finely chopped stuffed olives with a thick mayonnaise dressing.  Spread upon one-half the buttered slices of bread; the remaining slices are spread with cream cheese, then press together in pairs.

Mrs. Belle De Graf.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 20 Jul 1919

Mrs. De Graf's Olive and Cheese Sandwiches Recipe



Ms. Simons’ Olive and Egg Sandwiches

Stone and chop 12 large olives.  Add four finely chopped hard boiled eggs and enough melted butter to make a paste.  Season with pepper and salt, spread on thin slices of bread from which the crust has been removed and press firmly together in pairs.

Henrietta Simons, 1521 J street, Modesto.  Source: The San Francisco Call – 25 May 1913

Ms. Simon's Olive and Egg Sandwiches Recipe

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