Piccalilli Recipes from 1910

Piccalilli Recipes from 1910

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Mrs. Hutson’s Piccalilli

First Prize

The following is my recipe for Piccalilli: One peck green tomatoes, one-half dozen onions, one-half dozen each of green and red sweet mangoes, three red peppers, two good sized heads cabbage; four heads celery.  Chop all fine, sprinkle with salt and drain over night.  Then add three pounds lithe brown sugar, one-half cup grated horseradish, one tablespoonful mustard seed, two tablespoons mixed spices, cover with cider vinegar and boil 30 minutes.  “Excellent.”  Mrs. S. J. Huston, 75 Torrence-st., City.  Source: The Dayton Herald – 3 Nov 1910.

Mrs. Huston's Piccalilli Recipe



Mrs. Hoffman’s Piccalilli

Second Prize

One peck green tomatoes, one-half peck ripe tomatoes, 12 mangoes (red and green), 12 large onions, three heads cabbage.  Chop fine, salt and let stand over night; then squeeze salt water out and put in kettle with two pounds brown sugar, one tablespoon cloves, one tablespoon black pepper, one tablespoon mustard seed, one tablespoon ground mustard, one tablespoon turmeric, one large teacup grated horseradish.  Cover with vinegar and let simmer on hour.  Mrs. Hoffman, 1117 Germantown-st., Dayton, O.

Mrs. Hoffman's Piccalilli Recipe



Miss Hardesty’s Piccalilli

Third Prize

One peck green tomatoes, one-half peck ripe tomatoes, three large heads of cabbage, six large mangoes, six onion, three red peppers.  Run through a food chopper, add one pink of salt; let it stand one hour, then drain over night.  In the morning add three pounds of brown sugar, two tablespoons celery seed, two tablespoons white mustard seed, one cup of grated horseradish; cover with cider vinegar, cook ten minutes and seal.  Miss R. M. Hardesty, R. R. No. 5, Dayton, Ohio.

Miss Hardesty's Piccalilli Recipe

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