Chicken Fricassee Recipes

Chicken Fricassee Recipes

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Mrs. Mitvalsky’s Chicken Fricassee Spanish Recipe

Clean, singe, disjoint and wash thoroughly one chicken; put in kettle with three inches of water above meat, and add salt to taste; boil until tender.  Put 1 tablespoon butter in frying pan with 2 medium sized onions, 1 clove garlic cut up fine; fry a light brown.  Add 3 heaping tablespoons wheat flour.  Stir three minutes over brisk fire, add enough chicken broth gradually and stir smooth, add all to chicken in kettle, boil few minutes, set aside.  Add 3 dashes black pepper, 2 dashes cayenne pepper, 1/2 teaspoon Indian curry powder moistened in tablespoon cold water, stir together.  Keep covered warm.  Delicious variation from plain fricassee.  Wild duck Spanish is also good.  Others take 3 1/2 pounds lamb or mutton or 3 1/2 pounds shoulder veal, or 3 1/2 pounds any out of beef.

Rice Border – Boil cup of rice in half water and  half milk, salt to taste until done.  To serve different fricassee take platter, arrange rice border around edge of fricassee, garnish with any salads, greens preferable.

Mrs. J. Mitvalsky, San Mateo.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 13 Jul 1919.

Mrs. Mitvalsky's Chicken Fricassee Spanish Recipe



Mrs. Lefter’s Chicken Fricassee Recipe

Three pounds chicken, 1 onion, 2 cloves, 1/6 bay loaf, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup chopped slat pork or other fat and 1/3 cup flour.  Wash carefully and disjoint.  Put into a sauce pan with 1 quart water, 1 onion with 2 cloves pressed into it, bay loaf and salt.  Simmer slowly until tender.  Remove chicken and dredge with flour.  Salt and brown pieces in fat in a frying pan on both dies.  Arrange chicken on platter and pour gravy over it.  Serve.

Mrs. Viva Lefter, 1120 Bridge avenue, Richmond.  Source: The Richmond Item – 13 Feb 1925

Mrs. Lefter's Chicken Fricassee Recipe



Mrs. Gibbs’ Fricassee Fowl Recipe

Take your fowl, cut it in small pieces (I take skin off); put your pan on stove with a piece of butter size of an egg; let it get very hot, then put your meat right in (have a good fire); keep stirring so it won’t burn; let it get brown all over; then add enough boiling water to cover the meat; put in one or two small onions, salt and pepper.  When I can get parsley I tie a small bunch and bay leaf and put it in.  It gives a nice flavor.  Let it cook until tender.  Have your platter all ready, covered with buttered toast.  Take the skimmer and arrange the meat on the toast.  Thicken the gravy, pour over it and serve.

Mrs. G. E. Gibbs, Greenwood.  Source: 21 Feb 1904.

Mrs. Gibbs Fricassee Fowl Recipe

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