Veal Roast Recipe – Three prize winning recipes

Veal Roast Recipe – Three prize winning recipes

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If you are looking for a great veal roast recipe, here are three prize winning recipes from 1911.  These were published in The Dayton Herald on January 5, 1911.  Mrs. Deger’s won first prize with her stuffed veal loin roast with a cooking time of 2 hours and suggested to be served with green peas and lemon jelly.  Mrs. Schiff came in second with her stuffed breast of veal recipe.  She suggests to allow a half hour cooking time to each pound of veal.  Mrs. Howe came in third with her stuffed veal roast recipe.


Mrs. Deger’s Roast Veal Loin Recipe

First Prize

Wash and rub thoroughly with salt and pepper, leaving in the kidney, then roll and let stand about two hours.  Make dressing of bread crumbs, salt, pepper and chopped parsley moistened with a little hot water and butter, also add an egg.  Unroll the veal and put dressing around the kidney, then fold and tie with cotton twine.  Place in the baking pan with thick side down and bake in a rather hot oven for a while then moderate the heat.  After baking half an hour turn over the roast and when nearly done, sprinkle lightly with flour and baste with melted butter.

A four-pound roast will bake thoroughly tender in about two hours.  To make gravy, skim off fat if there is too much, sprinkle flour in the pan, stir until it browns. add a little hot water and boil a few minutes and serve.  Serve with green peas and lemon jelly.

Mrs. Chas Deger, 1527, May-st., City.

Veal Roast Recipe



Mrs. Schiff’s Roast Veal Recipe

Second Prize

Six pounds of breast of veal, boned, sponged and pounded to uniform thickness, rub both sides with salt and pepper, lay flat on board or table, spread evenly with stuffing to within an inch of the edges, roll loosely and sew or tie in shape, dredge well with flour, lay on a rack in the dripping pan, laying thin narrow strips of fat salt pork over the upper side, set on a grate in a very hot oven till the surface is well browned, then bake more slowly, covering the beat with a buttered paper if it browns too fast, allow a full half hour for each lb, with an extra half hour if the roast is large.

Baste once in 20 minutes with two tablespoons of butter melted in one cup of hot water or add water to the drippings in the pan and use stuffing of 1 pint of fine bread crumbs or cracker, 1 level teaspoonful salt, 1 tablespoon thyme or summer savory, 1 scant teaspoon white pepper, 1/2 teaspoon onion juice, moisten with one egg well beaten, 2 heaping tablespoons butter melted in one cup hot water or use one inch salt pork chopped fine in place of butter.

Respectfully, Mrs. S. H. Schiff, 243 Puterbaugh-ave, Dayton, O.

Veal Roast Recipe




Mrs. Howe’s Roast Veal Recipe

Take a nice piece of veal with a pocket in it; wash clean and rub over it good with flour in which a small handful of salt has been mixed; sprinkle with pepper, then place in the roaster.  Now take bread and crumble it up fine; mix salt and pepper, sage, an onion, chopped fine; also a well beaten egg and sufficient hot water to make the bread crumbs soft.  Fill the pocket with this dressing and take what is left and make in balls and lay around the veal; then cover the whole with water and bake until tender, occasionally moistening the veal and balls of dressing with the hot liquid in which it is baking.  When done serve on a platter lined with parsley.

Mrs. Harry E. Howe, Crown Point, R. R. 4, Dayton, O.

Veal Roast Recipe

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