Bengal Chutney Recipe from the early 1920s

Bengal Chutney Recipe from the early 1920s

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Before finding these recipes, I had never heard of Bengal Chutney.  After reading through these three recipes, a Bengal Chutney recipe has a base of apples, raisins, chili peppers, and onion cooked in vinegar with spices like curry powder, ginger, mustard and cloves.  It sounds like a tasty condiment and as Mrs. Kerr suggest pairs great with cold meats.  One warning for these recipes, they make a very large batch and might be a great option for anyone looking for a recipe for canning apples.

Mrs. Kerr’s Bengal Chutney Recipe

Second Prize

Two pounds of apples, 1 pound stoned raisins, 1 pound brown sugar, 1 pound onions, 1/2 pound candied peel, 1/4 pound ginger, 1 teaspoonful cayenne or some chilies, 2 tablespoons curry powder, 1 teaspoon cloves.  Chop all fine or pass through a mincer, and boil in a quart of vinegar for half an hour.  This makes a delicious appetizing relish served with cold meats and will make about seven pounds with these quantities.  One thought that came to mind after reading these recipes, these would make a good sandwich chutney.

Mrs. Frances Kerr, Morgan Hill.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 9 May 1920

Mrs. Kerr's Bengal Chutney Recipe



Ms. French’s Bengal Chutney Recipe

Take fifteen large green apples and cut as for apple sauce, put in saucepan and add one quart vinegar (not too sharp.)  Cook until soft.  Set away to cool.  In another saucepan put one and a half pounds white sugar and just enough water to moisten.  Just let it come to a boil, put over apple sauce and stir well; then add to the apple sauce, which is almost cool, one large onion, chopped fine, four cloves garlic, two dried chilis, cut fine and seeds taken out, one pound raisins, one ounce salt, one and a quarter ounces ginger, half pound mustard seed or less.

Ms. Nellie French, Inverness.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 7 Mar 1920

Ms. French's Bengal Chutney Recipe



Ms. Wood’s Bengal Chutney Recipe

One and one half pounds of brown sugar, 1/4 pound of salt, 1/4 pound of garlic, 1/2 pound of onions, 1/4 pound of powdered ginger, 1/4 pound of dried chile peppers, 3/4 pound mustard seed, 2 pounds of stoned raisins, two quarts of vinegar, thirty large unripe sour apples.  The sugar must be made into a syrup with the vinegar; add the mustard seed.  Peel and slice the apples and cook in the vinegar until tender.  Chop the garlic and onions fine, add to the apples and cook in the vinegar until tender.  Chop the garlic and onions fine, add to the apples and vinegar, add the rest of the ingredients, stir until thoroughly blended and bottle for use.

Ms. Alice M. Wood, St. Helena.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 10 Apr 1921

Ms. Wood's Bengal Chutney Recipe

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