Chicken Pot Pie Recipes from 1911

Chicken Pot Pie Recipes from 1911

When I think of chicken pot pie, I think of a creamy mixture of chicken, carrots and peas baked in a pie crust.  Reading through each chicken pot pie recipe that were printed in The Dayton Herald in 1911, the first prize winning chicken pot pie recipe is a simple mixture of creamy chicken and potatoes in a biscuit like crust.  The second prize recipe is creamy chicken served over baked biscuit squares with hard boiled eggs on top.  Third prize has bacon, chicken and onions cooked as a stew with pot pie dumplings dropped in.

Spend some time and read through these recipes and they will walk you through how to make chicken pot pie.


Mrs. Clark’s Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

First Prize

Have a fat chicken, not too old, joint it, start to boil in cold water and keep enough water on to cover it while boiling; if more water is needed use boiling water; when partly done season with salt and pepper and butter if chicken is not fat.  Put half dozen potatoes cut in halves in the broth with chicken one-half hour before chicken is done; then make a thickening of three tablespoonfuls of flour and water enough to make it creamy; take chicken and potatoes out in dish, put thickening in broth and stir until it thickens.

Dough – One quart of flour, one-half teaspoon salt, two heaping teaspoons baking powder; sift all together; two-third cup sweet lard, enough milk and water to make a dough soft enough to roll; take two thirds of the dough, roll one-half inch thick, line a deep round pan with it, pushing the dough down all around firm, leaving a good edge at the top; put chicken, potatoes and two-thirds gravy in the lined pan, wet the top edge and place cover over top with the remainder of dough, push down firm around edge; crimp as for pie, cut slits in top of crust and bake 20 minutes in a quick oven.  When done cut down pieces as pie, and serve with remainder of gravy.

Mrs. E. C. Clark, 1217 E. May st., Dayton, O.  Source: The Dayton Herald – 2 Mar 1911

Mrs. Clark's Chicken Pot Pie Recipe




Mrs. Rickard’s Baked Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Second Prize

Dress a nice fat hen, stew till well done and make a nice creamy gravy over it by adding to the broth the following: Beat one egg until it is very light with one-half cup flour; thin with three-fourths cup of milk and let boil up for about five minutes.  Have ready a nice dough made by taking one quart flour and add to it one tablespoonful salt, one tablespoonful sugar, four large teaspoonfuls of baking powder; sift all together into a large baking bowl and rub into the flour, one-half cup of butter or lard and when it is real fine add enough milk which will be about one-half cup, just according to the brand of flour you use, as some flour will take up more moisture than others; but it wants to be just like a soft biscuit dough; put flour on baking board, drop the dough onto it and seive some flour on top and roll out to about one inch thick, cut in squares, place on pan and bake in qucik oven from ten to fifteen minutes.  When done arrange on a large platter with hard boiled eggs sliced one on each square; then dip the gravy from the chicken over it.  Garnish with sprigs of parsley and serve at once.  Send the chicken to the table in a separate dish.

Mrs. W. C. Rickard, 60 Mary-av.  Source: The Dayton Herald – 2 Mar 1911

Mrs. Rickard's Chicken Pot Pie Recipe




Mrs. Huff’s Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Third Prize

Fry out about half a dozen slices of nice salt pork, then wash and cut chicken in small pieces, roll in flour and brown in pork drippings; take about 4 nice onions and slice, put salt pork, chicken and onions in large cooking pot, salt and pepper and cover with boiling water and cook until chicken is tender.

Pot Pie Dumplings – Sift together one pint of flour, one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder and one-half teaspoonful of salt, beat one egg until light; add one-half cup of cold water; stir this into the dry mixture and enough more water to hold its shape when dropped from spoon; drop on top of boiling  stew and cook for fifteen minutes, when they will be light and tender if not disturbed while cooking.

Mrs. G. W. Huff, 609 May Street.  Source: Source: The Dayton Herald – 2 Mar 1911

Mrs. Huff's Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

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