How To Cook Artichokes – Recipes from 1919

How To Cook Artichokes – Recipes from 1919

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Looking for a new way for how to cook artichokes?  I have gathered six recipes from 1919 that will walk you through how to cook artichokes.  The recipes include Mrs. Kerrison’s Fried Artichokes, Mrs. Marshall’s Stuffed Artichokes, Mrs. Quin’s Artichokes A La Italienne, Mrs. Stockwell’s Artichokes, Ms. Jacobs Artichoke Ring and Mrs. Schenone’s Artichoke Omelet.  Don’t forget to hop over to my measurement conversion page for help with oven temperatures.


Mrs. Kerrison’s Fried Artichokes Recipe

Select medium sized artichokes and boil in the usual way.  When cold take off all the outside leaves that are in anyway tough.  Then with a sharp knife slice lengthwise into 3 or 4 slices, dip in egg and cracker crumbs and fry a golden brown in oil or butter.  They taste like oysters.

Mrs. Re. E. Kerrison, Hayward.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 15 Jun 1919

Mrs. Karrison's Fried Artichokes Recipe



Mrs. Marshall’s Stuffed Artichokes

One-half dozen small artichokes, one cup grated cheese, one cup crackers or bread crumbs, one tablespoon butter, one-half cup best olive oil, one teaspoon chopped parsley, one-half teaspoon chopped garlic.  Mix together; put a teasponnful under each leaf.  Steam forty minutes.

Mrs. Anges Marshall, 511 Cole Street.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 6 Apr 1919

Mrs. Marshall's Stuffed Artichokes Recipe



Mrs. Quin’s Artichokes A La Italienne Recipe

Take six medium artichokes, remove outside leaves and cut off about one-third of tops or tips.  Cut up in slices about one-eight inch thick and fry in a good quantity of oil.  In another pan, fry some garlic, parsley and about six green onions (using about half of green stalk) and half a bell pepper, all cut up fine.  When browned add to artichokes.  Now take slice of raw ham, cut in small pieces and fry.  Add this to the artichokes.  Take two eggs, heat up good, add two tablespoons milk (scant) and add to artichokes.  On the top add grated Italian cheese, salt and pepper.  When cheese is melted serve.  Be sure to fry slowly and stir frequently.  This dish can be made and ready to serve in twenty minutes and will serve four persons.

Mrs. T. S. Quin, 3646 Seventeenth street.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 21 Sep 1919

Mrs. Quin's Arichokes A La Italienne Recipe



Mrs. Schenone’s Artichoke Omelet or Cake Recipe

One dozen artichokes, pare off hard leaves, cut crosswise and fry in half cup oil with a sprig of parsley, sweet marjorium, thyme, one clove garlic; fry with cover on pan, not too brown.  Then add to well beaten half dozen eggs, half cup grated cheese, half cup cracker meal.  Season to taste.  Mix well and bake in a well greased pan in a moderate oven 25 minutes.

Mrs. Rae Schenone, Halfmoon Bay.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 21 Dec 1919

Mrs. Schenone's Artickoke Omelet or Cake Recipe



Mrs. Stockwell’s Artichoke Recipe

A dozen or tow ‘chokes’ denude the outer leaves, boil in salt water till tender, the sheeves; meanwhile in olive oil fry onion, cut fine; garlic, salt pepper ad lib, bit parsley and thyme; tomato consave; add when done to a turn with a good pint of stock; thicken, don’t burn.  Drain and lay artichokes in pan, then an egg for a choke.  Put carefully on top; don’t break the yolk.  Over all add a plenty of grated Romany cheese.  Bake quickly, serve on toast, the epicure to please.

Mrs. Stockwell, 427 Buchanan street, San Francisco.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 10 Aug 1919

Mrs. Stockwell's Artichoke Recipe



Ms. Jacobs Arichoke Ring Recipe

One and half cups pulp (6 large artichokes; 1/2 cup cracker crumbs; 1 cup whipping cream; 4 eggs, salt, paprika, drop of Worcestershire sauce.  Cook artichokes until tender, then scrape leaves and with hearts of same, chop fine or put through grinder.  To this add yolks of eggs, seasoning and cracker crumbs.  Then beat cream and add to beaten whites and then mix all ingredients together.  Put into large ring form (timbale ring) which has been well buttered and bake in a pan of water for three-quarters of an hour.  When done, put on large dish and serve with cream sauce, into which one with cream sauce into which one may put hard-boiled eggs, shrimps or crabs, as one desires.  Make an excellent luncheon dish or entree courses at dinner.

Ms. Augusta G. Jacobs, 1719 Lyon street.  Source: San Francisco Chronicle – 10 Aug 1919

Ms. Jacobs Artichoke Ring Recipe

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