Asparagus Recipes from 1914

Asparagus Recipes from 1914

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This article will give you six recipes with how to cook asparagus.  These are the prize winning recipes from the Dayton Herald printed on April 30, 1914.  The first through fourth winning prizes are very similar with boiling the asparagus and serving on toast with a sauce.  The fifth prize recipe has it cooked, placed in a pie pan with seasoned eggs and butter poured over and baked in the oven.  The last recipe has cold ham, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, cream, and parsley as the ingredients combined into a simple lunch dish.


Mrs. Strahler’s Asparagus Recipe

First Prize

Clean the asparagus by scraping about half of the lower stem and cut a small portion of the ends to freshen up, then again tie in bunches.  It is well to set in cold water if it seems wilted.  When ready to cook drop the bunches in rapid boiling salted water, cook for half an hour, or until tend.  Serve each bunch of asparagus on a small piece of toast which has had the crust trimmed off then pour the sauce over all.

Sauce – Dissolve a heaping tablespoon of butter over a small blaze (be careful not to brown it) then add a tablespoon of flour, salt and enough hot water or milk to thicken, stirring all the time until it has reach the proper consistency.

Mrs. Harry C. Strahler, 22 Glencoe Ave., Dayton, O.

Mrs. Strahler's Asparagus Recipe



Mrs. Myers’ Asparagus Recipe

Second Prize

Scrape the stems lightly, but clean; place in cold water when all the asparagus is cleaned, tie in bunches of equal size; cut stems evenly; cook in plenty of boiling water well salted; while it is boiling cut several slices of bread an inch thick, pare off crust and toast it brown on both sides; when the asparagus is tender, (will usually cook in thirty to forty minutes) lift ou directly, or it will lose both color and flavor; dip the toast quickly in the liquor in which it has been boiled; dish the vegetable on it, the head all lying one way; pour over a drawn butter sauce (melted butter) or white suace.

White Sauce – Have ready two tablespoonfuls of sifted flour mixed with a half teacup of melted butter, place over the fire a suacepan containing a pint of sweet milk, one saltspoon of salt, a dash of white pepper; when it reaches the boiling point add the butter and flour, boil and stir until thick and creamy.

Mrs. M. N. Myers, 150 Best St., city.

Mrs. Myers' Asparagus Recipe



Mrs. Buohl’s Asparagus Recipe

Third Prize

Boil in strong salt water, until tender, as much asparagus as desired.  Have small pieces of toast arranged on a platter, arrange asparagus on the toast.  Make the following dressing: Brown butter the size of an egg, add one cup of sweet milk or more and pour over the asparagus.  Serve at once.  If the asparagus is tied in bunches while boiling it will be very easy to life out of the hot water.

Mrs. P. M. Buohl, 298 Rubicon St., Dayton, O.

Mrs. Buohl's Asparagus Recipe



Mrs. Aughe’s Asparagus Recipe

Fourth Prize

Wash clean, cut off the white part except a mere end, put into slightly salted boiling water, boil five minutes, pour off water, add more boiling hot; boil ten to fifteen minutes, then put in a lump of butter, salt and pepper (some stir in a thickening made of one teaspoon flour mixed up with cold milk) cut and toast three or four thin slices of bread, spread with butter and put in a dish, and over them turn asparagus and gravy.  The water must be boiled down until just enough for the gravy, which is made as above.  Or cut the asparagus, when boiled, into little bits, leaving out white end; make gravy as above, put the cut asparagus into a hot dish and turn the gravy over it and serve.

Mrs. Nettie Aughe, 1514 May St., Dayton, O.

Mrs. Aughe's Asparagus Recipe



Mrs. Hoffman’s Asparagus Recipe

Fifth Prize

Boil one large bunch of asparagus 20 minutes, cut off the tender tops and lay in a deep pie plate, buttering, salting and peppering well, beat four eggs just enough to break up the yolks, add one tablespoon melted butter, with pepper and salt and pour upon the asparagus; bake eight minutes in a quick oven and serve with well buttered toast.

Mrs. H. Hoffman, 109 N. Western Ave., Dayton, O.

Mrs. Hoffman's Asparagus Recipe



Mrs. Voris’ Asparagus Recipe

One bunch asparagus, sliced cold ham or tongue, four eggs, hard boiled, one-half cupful mayonnaise, one tablespoonful whipped cream, one teaspoonful chopped parsley.  Time: Preparation about 35 minutes.  Boil the asparagus carefully in salted water; drain and cool.  At serving time arrange it in the center of platter with thin cold slices of ham or tongue around it.  Cut the eggs into halves, place a half on each slice of meat.  Add the cream to the mayonnaise, which should be quite stiff, and pour this over the green ends of the asparagus; sprinkle the parsley over the top.  The whole should be served very cold.  This makes an excellent luncheon or supper dish for warm days.

Mrs. Minnie E. Vois, 607 Keowee St., Dayton, O.

Mrs. Voris' Asparagus Recipe

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