Old Fashioned Meatloaf Recipes from 1911

Old Fashioned Meatloaf Recipes from 1911

Looking for an old fashioned meatloaf recipe?  Here are four prize winners from 1911.  Mrs. Ramsey won first prize with her beef and pork meatloaf.  Her recipe says to use “Star crackers”.  Looking through The Dayton Herald where these recipes were printed on February 23, 1911, and found an advertisement from 1902 for Green-Star Crackers that I have put below the recipe.  I would imagine that Saltines or Ritz crackers would be good options to use for the recipe.  Mrs. Ramsey’s recipe is a meatloaf with a brown sauce from with the drippings.

Mrs. Schardt’s came in second with her old fashioned meatloaf with beef ,pork and veal.  Her recipe is unique because it has hard boiled eggs pressed into the loaf before baking.  Mrs. Roller came in third with her classic meatloaf recipe with beef, bread crumbs, butter, and eggs.  Mrs. Strasburg comes in fourth with her recipe using cooked veal and ham chopped up then mixed with onion, dry bread, parsley, lemon rind, eggs and broth.

For help with oven temperatures or measurements if you plan to try one of these old fashioned meatloaf recipes, hop over to my measurement conversion page.


Mrs. Ramsey’s Meatloaf Recipe

First Prize

Get two pounds of round steak, one-half pound pork (off neck).  Remove the fat from the beef, but leave fat on the pork.  Put the meat through the chopper.  Add one large onion (chopped fine_, then add a little sage, pepper, one-half teaspoonful, one tablespoonful of salt.  Take 12 Star crackers, roll fine, add to the meat; beat one egg light, add it to the meat.  Mix all of this thoroughly, then put in on the board and form into a loaf, then put flour over it and put in your roasting pan.  Bake about two and a half hours in a moderately hot oven.  Onions and sage may be omitted and use parsley instead.  I always take the fat of the beef and put it in the bottom of roasting pan.  When done, I strain this and add my flour and water mixed.  It makes a very rich gravy.

Mrs. W. H. Ramsey, 228 Edgar av., City.

old fashioned meatloaf



Mrs. Schardt’s Meatloaf Recipe

Second Prize

One and a half pounds ground veal,  one-half pound ground pork, one-half pound ground beef, two onions ground, size of an egg, 12 crackers ground, two eggs beaten light, one-half cup milk, pepper and salt.  Mix all together, form loaf lengthwise in roaster.  Have two hard boiled eggs, insert lengthwise in loaf.  Pack the loaf tight by pressing with the hands.  Put lumps of butter over top, one pint boiling water in roaster.  Roast two hours (not too hot an oven) basting three or four times.  Slice down, place on platter with lettuce leaves on parsley for border.  To be eaten hot or cold.

Mrs. B. Schardt, 245 Floral-av., Dayton, Ohio.

old fashioned meat loaf



Mrs. Roller’s Meatloaf Recipe

Third Prize

Two pounds of beef chopped very fine, one cupful of bread crumbs, one tablespoonful butter, two teaspoonfuls of salt, half a teaspoonful of pepper, two eggs and a teaspoonful of onion juice.  Mix thoroughly, form into a loaf, and roll into flour.  Add a teaspoonful of butter to a cupful of boiling water.  Put in a baking pan, add the meat, and bake in a hot oven fifty minutes, basting frequently.

Mrs. J. A. Roller, R. R. 15, Dayton, Ohio



Mrs. Strasburg’s Veal Meatloaf Recipe

Fourth Prize

Cook until done two pounds of veal and one pound of ham, then put the meat through the food chopper with  a medium sized onion and a cupful of light dry bread.  Stir into this a tablespoonful of chopped parsley, a scant teaspoonful of grated lemon rind (yellow only), the beaten yolks of three eggs and one-half cupful of the broth that the meat was cooked in.  Salt and pepper to taste and mix thoroughly.  It should now be shaped into a roll sufficiently thick to insure moistness; put in a baking dish and dust a little flour over it.

Cover and put in the oven until heated through, then remove the cover, making sure that the oven is hot enough to brown the roll in a few minutes, when it is to be rubbed quickly with the beaten white of an egg, and shut in the hot oven once more for a few minutes to secure the final glaze.  Make gravy of the remaining broth by thickening with two tablespoonfuls of flour, and after carefully turning the loaf into a hot dish, pour the gravy over it.  The onion may be omitted if desired.  Dear Sir: I send the above recipe, as we think it very nice, and hope it will meet with your approval.

Mrs. Anna Strasburg, No. 21 Boltin-st., City.

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