Fruit Punch Recipes from 1919, 1920 and 1921

Fruit Punch Recipes from 1919, 1920 and 1921

Here are five versions of fruit punch recipes.  I had to look up what Appolinaris is and found it is sparkling water.  I am going to assume that charged water is the same thing.  For your next party, try a fruit punch recipe listed below.


Miss Cargile’s Fruit Punch Recipe

Second Prize

Nine oranges, 18 lemons, 1 cup chopped pineapple and juice, 1 cup raspberry syrup, 1 1/2 cups teas infusion, 1 1/2 cups sugar, 1 cup hot water, 1 quart charged water.  Mix the orange and lemon juice with the pineapple, raspberry and tea, then add syrup made by boiling water and sugar two minutes.  Pour into punch bowl over ice.  Before serving, add charged water.  This punch is delicious for warm summer days.

Miss Bernice Cargile, Box 65, Caspar, Mendocine county – San Francisco Chronicle – 14 Sep 1919

Fruit punch recipe


Mrs. Forrest’s Fruit Punch Recipe

Third Prize

Juice of one dozen oranges and three oranges cut up in slices for punch; when ready to serve, one dozen or fourteen lemons, one cup Formosa oolong tea, over which pour two quarts boiling water; stand aside to steep and cool, then strain; one large can sliced pineapple, one small bottle maraschino cherries, two bottles Shasta water, two pounds sugar, ten pounds ice; squeeze lemons and strain juice, add sugar, then add the strained orange juice.  After oranges have been squeezed, take rind and pulp and place in a bowl, with enough cold water to cover them.  Add the cold tea to orange and lemon juice, the maraschino syrup and the water in which the orange rind and pulp were soaked.  Use one bottle of Shasta water and small piece of ice and enough water to have the proper flavor.  Just before serving add thinly sliced oranges, cubes of sliced pineapple and cherries and the second bottle of Shasta water and ice.  Serve in chilled punch bowl.  Will serve fifty persons.

Fruit punch recipe


Ms. De Graf’s Fruit Punch Recipes

Two cups of shredded pineapple, half cup of lemon juice, two cups of orange juice, two cups of sugar, four cups of water.  Boil sugar and water about six minutes.  Chill, then add remaining ingredients.  When ready to serve, add two quarts of ice water.


Fruit punch recipe


2 cupfuls sugar, 1 cupful water, 1 cupful tea, 1 quart Apollinaris, ice water to make 1 1/2 gallons, 2 cups strawberry or other fruit syrup, juice 5 lemons, juice 5 oranges,  can grated pineapple, 1 cup Maraschino cherries.  Boil the sugar and 1 cup of water ten minutes.  Add tea, fruit juices, pineapple and syrup.  Let stand 30 minutes; strain and add ice water to make one and one-half gallons of liquid.  Turn into punch bowl over a large piece of ice and add cherries and Appollinaris.  This serves about fifty people.


Six lemons, juice only, six oranges; juice only, one cup grated pineapple, two cups strawberry syrup, one cup maraschino cherries, two cups freshly made tea, two and one-half cups sugar, one and one-half cups water, one quart Apollinaris, one gallon ice water.  Boil sugar and water five minutes.  Cool and add tea, fruit juices, syrup and pineapple.  Let stand one hour, then strain.  Add ice water and pour over a large piece of ice.  Then add Appolinaris and cherries.  Sufficient for forty persons.

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