Wild Duck Recipes

Wild Duck Recipes

These are three wild duck recipes.  Mrs. Jewett uses the duck to make a stew, Ms. Farnlof gives a stuffed duck recipe and Ms. Valkenburgh has a roast wild duck recipe.  These wild duck recipes are all different and one is surely to catch your eye.


Mrs. Jewett’s Game Stew Recipes

Lay four mallard ducks cut in small pieces in salt water five hours.  Take one bunch of celery, two carrots, one onion, small pieces of garlic, five red pepper and chop very fine.  Put ducks on to boil and at the same times add the vegetables and half a pound pickled pork.  Cook one hour and add one can tomatoes, two cans French mushrooms and cook 30 minutes more.  Then add half a teaspoon each cinnamon, cloves, allspice, mace, nutmeg, thyme and savory and three bay leaves.  Stir and mix well together.  Peel five potatoes, cut in small pieces and add when stew is nearly done.  Then add one quart ripe olives, five tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, half bottle catsup.  Thicken with a little flour.  Let stew stand 30 minutes after cooking before serving to give spices a chance to blend.  Be careful not to put in too much of any one spice.  The same stew can be made of any wild game, using about the same amount of meat.

Mrs. George M. Jewett, Vallejo – The San Francisco Call – 18 May 1913

wild duck recipes


Ms. Farnlof’s Wild Ducks Recipe

Wrap the ducks in a piece of burlap, put in a dishpan and pour a kettle of boiling water over them.  Let steam a few minutes and you will find they will pick quite easily.  Then singe.  Use a pair of scissors and make an incision about three inches long; wash and stuff with the following dressing: For one duck, use one cup mashed potatoes seasoned, one cup bread crumbs, small piece of the round of fresh pork, put through the grinder, one-half teaspoon salt, pepper and sage, about six walnuts cut up in small pieces, one small onion.  Mix thoroughly so the dressing will be light and fluffy.  Stuff the duck dew up and put in the roaster with a strip of bacon tied on it; flour well.  Bake about an hour and fifteen minutes, or until tender, in a hot oven.  Baste every fifteen minutes.  Salt the duck when it is real hot.

Lydia Farnlof, 109 W. Eighth street – San Francisco Chronicle – 31 Oct 1920

wild duck recipes


Ms. Valkenburgh’s Roast Wild Duck Recipe

Duck – clean thoroughly.  Split down the back.  Put in a dry pan with no butter or lard.  Salt and pepper well.  Put skin side down in pan.  Bake in a very hot oven from 20 to 30 minutes, according to size.  Much better to bake too much, if not sure it is done, than to open oven too soon.  Never open oven after it is put in, until ready to serve – This takes the gamey taste away.

Ms. M. Van Valkenburgh, 20 Union street, Santa Cruz – San Francisco Chronicle – 7 Dec 1919

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