Salad Dressing Recipes

Salad Dressing Recipes

These salad dressing recipes include: Sweet Salad Sauce, Salad Dressing, Swedish Dressing and Crab Louie Dressing.


Miss Henry’s Sweet Salad Sauce

Four well beaten eggs; beat in gradually once cup powdered sugar, add half teaspoon of salt and heat until sugar is dissolved, then add juice of two lemons.  Pour over salad and set on ice one hour before serving.

Miss Freda Henry, 1370 Pine Street – San Francisco Chronicle – 30 Nov 1919

Salad Dressing Recipe



Mrs. Nunly’s Salad Dressing Recipe

One egg beaten a little; keep beating and pouring in salad oil until it is like thick cream.  Season with lemon juice and a little vinegar, salt, pepper and mustard; serve on lettuce.

Mrs. G. L. Nunly, 1027 Fifth st., Modesto – San Francisco Chronicle – 6 Jul 1919

Salad Dressing Recipe



Ms. Simon’s Swedish Dressing Recipe

Yolks of two eggs (beaten thoroughly), one level teaspoon salt, once teaspoon pepper, two teaspoons white sugar, two teaspoons preparted mustard, one tablespoon butter, four tablespoons best vinegar.  Put in custard kettle and stir constantly until it thickens.  When cool, it is ready for use.  This is sufficient for one quart of finely chopped cabbage and should be poured over while hot.  Mix thoroughly with cabbage and serve when cool.

Henrietta Simons, 1521 J street, Modesto – The San Francisco Call – 18 May 1913

Salad Dressing Recipe


Ms. Wright’s Crab Louie Dressing Recipe

To make it take half a pint of thick mayonnaise and add a teaspoonful or more of tomato vinegar.  This gives both flavor and color.  Add a tablespoonful of pure tomato pulp of catsup, a saltspoonful of tarragon vinegar and the same amount of French mustard if liked.

Ms. Marie Wright, 1298 Union Street – San Francisco Chronicle – 29 Aug 1920

Salad Dressing Recipe

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