Tart Recipes from 1920

Tart Recipes from 1920

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Recipes include: Miss Miler’s Sham Tarts, Miss Roe’s Date Tart, Mrs. McDermott’s Prue Tarts, Mrs. Steaton’s Chocolate Tart and Mrs. Uhlet’s Kiss Tart.


Mrs. McDermott’s Prune Tarts Recipes

Two tablespoons butter, one quarter cup sugar, two eggs, well beaten, two-thirds cup bread crumbs, half cup milk, on teaspoon vanilla, one teaspoon baking powder, three quarters cup prunes, plain pastry.  Line tartlet tins with plain pie paste, cream the butter and sugar, add the eggs, bread crumbs, milk, flavoring, baking powder and prunes, which have been cooked and chopped.  Mix and pour into the pastry shells.  Bake in a moderate oven for fifteen minutes, top with meringue if desired.

Mrs. L. McDermoot, San Rafael – San Francisco Chronicle – 14 Nov 1920

Prune Tarts



Miss Miler’s Sham Tarts Recipe

White of three eggs, beaten with a spoon egg beater steadily for fifteen minutes, add 1 cup granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon vanilla.  Beat again for fifteen minutes, always beating in the same direction.  Drop from spoon on slightly buttered pan, flatten a very little and bake one hour in a slow oven.  When ready to serve, pile strawberries, which have stood for a time covered with whipped cream slightly sweetened.  Other fresh fruits, such as raspberries and bananas, are very good.  The kisses take quite a while to make, but are very delicious when prepared.

Miss Alice Miler, 3222 Seventeenth street – San Francisco Chronicle – 18 Jan 1920


Sham Tarts ecipe



Miss Roe’s Date Tart Recipe

Cream yolks of four eggs with one cup sugar.  Sift one tablespoon flour with four teaspoons baking powder, one cup sliced and floured dates.  Beat whites of eggs and add last.  Bake forty minutes in a moderate oven in layers or in a plain pan.  Fill with unsweetened cream.

Miss Lorena Roe, San Gregorio – San Francisco Chronicle – 11 Apr 1920

Date Tart



Mrs. Seaton’s Chocolate Tart Recipe

Half cup butter mixed with 1 cup of sugar, yokes of 5 eggs, 1 teaspoon of cloves, allspice and cinnamon, 1 cup of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 1/2 cups of chocolate.  Beat the white of eggs to snow and add.  Should you want to add nuts use 6 eggs with 1 cup of nuts, chopped.

Mrs. J. H. Seaton, 866 Marsh street, San Luis Obispo, Cal – San Francisco Chronicle – 30 May 1920

Chocolate Tarts



Mrs. Uhlet’s Kiss Tart Recipe

Whites of six eggs, two cups granulated sugar, one teaspoon vinegar, one teaspoon vanilla, one can grated pineapple, three-quarters pint pastry cream, one dozen strawberries or Maraschino cherries.

Beat whites to a very stiff froth, add sugar gradually and beat ten minutes; then add vinegar and vanilla and beat another ten minutes.  Bake in two layers in a very, very slow oven till a delicate brown, about twenty or twenty-five minutes.  The pans must not be more than 9 inches square and two inches deep.  Do not grease, but place a piece of waxed oil paper in the bottom.

Between the layers spread the can of grated pineapple and one half of the pastry cream.  Put the remaining cream on the top layer and place strawberries or cherries on artistically.  The pastry cream may be flavored with a tiny bit of almond extract and colored in accordance with your luncheon color scheme – for instance, one-half a delicate green, the other pink.  Will serve nine persons.  If only half the recipe is to be used, smaller pans must be used.  The yolks may be used for custard or mayonnaise.

Mrs. George H. V. Uhlet, 30 Greenbank Ave, Piedmont – San Francisco Chronicle – 5 Dec 1920

Kiss Tarts

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