Banana Pie Recipes from 1920 and 1921

Banana Pie Recipes from 1920 and 1921

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Banana pie recipes by Miss Walker, Ms. Corfu, and Ms. Adams ladies from the San Francisco area in 1920 and 1921.


Miss Walker’s Banana Custard Pie Recipe

Second Prize

Line a pie pan with a layer of nice pastry and then fill with sliced bananas.  Beat up the yolk of two eggs with one-third cup sugar, add one cup milk and a few drops of lemon essence.  Pour this over the bananas and cook until the pasty is nice and brown.  Meanwhile beat up the whites of two eggs with four tablespoons sugar and add a few drops of flavoring (vanilla or rose water).  Pile this on the top of the fruit and return to the oven to lightly brown the meringue.

F. V. Walker 1155 Pine Street – San Francisco Chronicle – 20 Mar 1921

Banana Pie Recipes



Ms. Adam’s Banana Pie Recipe

Fill a baked crust with sliced bananas and sprinkle over powdered sugar to taste.  Set in oven a few minutes to melt sugar.  When ready to serve cover with whipped cream.

Florence I. Adams, Berkeley, Cal – San Francisco Chronicle – 4 Jul 1920


Ms. Corfu’s Banana Pie Recipe

Line one pie plate with paste and bake.  When done slice in two bananas and have ready the following custard to pour over the bananas; Use one pint of milk, two egg yolks, beaten, with two tablespoons sugar, two tablespoons cornstarch moistened with a little milk and one-fourth teaspoon vanilla, cooking in double boiler until thick.  Beat the egg whites until stiff, add a little sugar, spread over top of custard, then set in oven to get delicately brown on top.

Elvezia B. Corfu, Petaluma – San Francisco Chronicle – 30 Jan 1921

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