Parsnips Recipes from 1904

Parsnips Recipes from 1904

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These parsnips recipes include: Mrs. Norter’s Fried Parsnips, Mrs. Kahler’s Fried Parsnips and Miss Mullen’s Parsnips.


Mrs. Norter’s Fried Parsnips Recipe

Scrape, cut into strips and boil until tender in salt water, drain and dip into batter made with 1 egg beaten light, 1 cup milk, flour enough to make a batter, and fry in hot lard.  Season.

Mrs. A. B. Norter, Cambridge – The Boston Post – 13 Mar 1904

Parsnips Recipes



Miss Mullen’s Parsnips Recipe

Pare or scrape or split them in two, that the inside may cook tender, which will be in 2 or 3 hours, according to their size; dry them in a cloth when done and pour melted butter over them in a dish, or serve plain.  They are good baked or stewed with meat.  They may be servied with boiled ham, salt cod or a boiled meat.

Miss Anna F. Mullen, Randolph – The Boston Post – 28 Feb 1904

Parsnips Recipes



Mrs. Kahler’s Fried Parsnips Recipe

Cut cold well boiled parsnips into long thin slices, apply salt and pepper to taste, dip in flour or not, as you prefer, and fry in hot drippings or butter.  Drain a moment over a colander before serving.

Mrs. L. Kahler, Roslindale – The Boston Post – 6 Mar 1904

Parsnips Recipes

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