Pepper Pot Soup by Mrs. Jackson

Pepper Pot Soup by Mrs. Jackson

A Philadelphia Soup Called Pepperpot

This Pepper Pot soup recipe is from a lady that at first glance is an interesting lady.  Mrs. Reeves Jackson is Julia Newell Jackson, wife of Dr. Abraham Reeves Jackson from Chicago.  She was good friends with Mark Twain and at the top of Chicago society.  This pepper pot soup recipe comes from a book of 175 recipes by Member of the Chicago Women’s Club that was made in 1887.  Her other two recipes from the book are Marrow Dumpling Soup and Philadelphia Chicken Croquettes.

I will be doing more research on this lady for sure and making her a page.

Pepper Pot Soup Recipe

Boil 1 pound of fresh tripe until tender, and skim.  3 pints of bouillon, boiled up and skimmed.  Cut the tripe in dice, and add to the boiling broth.  2 medium-sized potatoes cut in dice.  Boil until the potato is partially dissolved.  Then shred into the pot 2/3 of a cup of biscuit dough in bits no larger than June peas.  Boil 2 or 3 minutes; season with salt, black and red pepper, and lightly with sweet basil, sweet marjoram and summer savory.  Serve – as every soup should be – very hot.

Mrs. Reeves Jackson – Chicago Women’s Club – 1887

Pepper Pot Soup

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