Caroline Scott Harrison – Sausage Rolls

Caroline Scott Harrison – Sausage Rolls

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Mrs. Harrison’s Sausage Rolls

This “recipe” is more of a concept rather than a detailed recipe.  It is from Mrs. Caroline Scott Harrison, First Lady to Benjamin Harrison.  I’m sharing it today mainly because it’s hand written by the first lady on paper from the White House. Finding something handwritten is always a treasure when on the hunt researching genealogy.

A good biscuit recipe to use for this would be Mrs. Snyder’s Baking Powder Biscuits.

Caroline Scott Harrison

Caroline was born on October 1, 1832 in Oxford, Ohio and died on October 25, 1892 after after becoming ill with tuberculosis.  She and Benjamin Harrison married on October 20, 1853 and three children were born to this union: Russell Lord Harrsion, Mary Scott Harrison and an unnamed still born daughter.  She was the First Lady from 1889 until her death in 1892.


Make a light biscuit dough (made with milk) and let it raise overnight.  In the morning, roll it out thin and cut into shape with a biscuit cutter.  In the center of each place a roll of sausage the size of a good sized hickory nut and roll it up in the dough.  After letting them stand in the pan for a few minutes, bake and serve hot.  These rolls are also good cold and when children we used to have them to take to school for our luncheon in bad weather.

Caroline Scott Harrison – The Boston Weekly Globe – 25 Dec 1889

Sausage Rolls

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