Candlestick Salad by Ms. Simons

Candlestick Salad by Ms. Simons

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Ms. Simons’ Candlestick Salad

I really almost didn’t post this “recipe”.¬† In the end, the idea of Ms. Simons taking the time to write this recipe and share it, makes me want to share it also.

Candlestick Salad Recipe

A very dainty and attractive salad may be made of pineapple and banana. To make the salad lay one slice of the best canned pineapple on a dessert plate and set into the hole in the center of the slice one half of a banana. It may be necessary to trim the banana slightly at the end to fit the hole. By placing a candied cherry on top, with a small portion of salad dressing under it, the salad dressing should be small in amount and added artistically. Concealing only the central part of the pineapple, which represents the candlestick

HENRIETTA SIMONS, 1521 J street, Modesto – San Francisco Chronicle – 7 Nov 1920


Candlestick Salad

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