Breaded Lamb Chops by Mrs. Cline

Breaded Lamb Chops by Mrs. Cline

Mrs. Cline’s Breaded Lamb Chops

This is a prize winning breaded lamb chops recipe from 1919.  It comes from the San Francisco Chronicle.  I am not adding a recipe just yet because this is one I plan to make in the future because it is really vague on the measurements.  A little of this and a little of that don’t work when creating the final recipe.  If you decide to make this recipe and figure out your own little of this and little of that, let me know how it turns out!  I think this recipe would be good with pork chops as well if you can’t find lamb chops.

Breaded Lamb Chops Recipe

Select nice chops about an inch thick, remove all extra fat, season with salt and pepper.  Cover with finely sifted bread crumbs and lay on a rack in a baking pan. For each chop take one ripe firm tomato. Remove stem, cut a small circle off top, scoop out most of the inside and fill the cavity with fine bread crumbs.  Seasoned with salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar, little melted butter, little chopped onion, a few drops of lemon juice and little minced parsley, Cover with the part of tomato that was cut off. Place tomato on each chop and bake in a hot oven from twenty to thirty minutes. Serve hot and garnish with fresh, crisp parsley.

Second Prize – Mrs. J. J. Cline, 224 Downey Street, San Francisco – 23 Mar 1919

breaded lamb chops


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