Sage Advice from 1885 – No. 5

Sage Advice from 1885 – No. 5

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This sage advice from Good Housekeeping in 1885 highlight the importance of wisdom and love in both men and women for genuine personal and relational growth.

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Sage Advice

  • Man is continually saying to woman, “Why are you not more wise?” Woman is continually saying to man, “Why are you not more loving?” Unless each is both wise and loving there can be no real growth.
  • When I see the motherly arms of my little daughters when playing with their puppets, I cannot but flatter myself that their husbands and children will be happy in the possession of such wives and mothers.
  • A woman with a hazel eye never elopes from her husband, never chats scandal, never finds fault, never talks too much nor too little, always is an entertaining, intellectual, agreeable, and lovely creature.



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