Wise Words from 1885 – No. 6

Wise Words from 1885 – No. 6

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These words from Good Housekeeping in 1885 acknowledge the deep and mysterious connection between a man’s heart and the woman he chooses to love. They also highlight the importance of motherly guidance and discipline in raising responsible children and emphasize the influential role of women in shaping meaningful conversations and offering wise counsel.

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Wise Words

  • It is a deep mystery, the way the heart of man turns to one woman out of all the rest he’s seen in the world, and makes it easier for him to work seven years for her, like Jacob did for Rachel, sooner than have any other woman for the asking.
  • A very judicious mother, who had brought up a large family of children, all of whom are now responsible and useful members of society, remarked that it was her practice to obey her children for the first year of their life, but ever after she expected them to obey Her.
  • In the art of conversation, woman, if not the queen and victor, is the lawgiver. If every one recalled his experience he might find the best in the speech of superior women, which was better than song, and carried ingenuity, character, wise counsel, and affection, as easily as the wit with which it was endorsed.

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