Victorian Quotes from 1886 – No. 12

Victorian Quotes from 1886 – No. 12

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This advice from Good Housekeeping, published in 1886, emphasizes the importance of various principles. It encourages doing things well, avoiding bad company, taking cautious paths, focusing on personal wisdom, acting wisely in the present, prioritizing substance over appearance, admitting faults, being flexible, persevering, and building one’s character through effort rather than wishful thinking.

It is better, advice from Good Housekeeping published in 1886

  • It is better to do well late than never.
  •   It is better  to be alone than in bad company.
  •   It is better to go round about than to fall into a ditch.
  •   It is better to be wise for yourself than for other people.
  •   It is better to be wise to-day than to be foolish to-morrow.
  •   It is better to be a giant on the floor than a pigmy on a pedestal.
  •   It is better to acknowledge our faults than to boast of our merits.
  •   It is better to bend the neck promptly than to bruise the forehead.
  •   It is better  to keep at one thing a long time than to do many things in a short time.
  •   It is better to be the builder of our own name than to have it built for us beforehand.
  •   It is better to hammer and forge yourself into a character than to dream yourself into one.

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