Victorian Quotes from 1886 – No. 10

Victorian Quotes from 1886 – No. 10

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Victorian quotes from Good Housekeeping in 1886 underscores the importance of cherishing relationships with women, children, and young people, as they represent the sweetest and purest aspects of human existence. It also emphasizes the value of plainness in attire, the significance of the family unit, and the idea that amusements excluding virtuous women may have negative effects on individuals.

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WISE WORDS ABOUT WOMEN. From Good Housekeeping published in 1886

When one becomes indifferent to women, to children, and young people, he may know that he is superannuated, and has withdrawn from whatsoever is sweetest and purest in human existence.

Nothing is to be more carefully considered than plainness. In lady’s attire this is the single excellence, for to be what some people call fine is the same vice in that case as to be florid in writing or speaking.

Father, mother, child, are the human trinity, whose substance must not be divided nor its persons confounded. As well reconstruct your granite out of the grains it is disintegrated into, as society out of the dissolution of wedded love.

All amusements of youth to which virtuous women are not admitted are, rely on it, deleterious in their nature . All men who avoid female society have dull perceptions and are stupid, or have gross tastes and revolt against what is pure.


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