What’s For Dinner – 1883 Edition No. 269

What’s For Dinner – 1883 Edition No. 269

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What’s for dinner? Here, we answer the question with a book published in 1883 by Marion Harland. The book contains a dinner menu for each day of the year.

This video is for September, the fourth week, Tuesday Dinner.

On the menu for dinner:  Quick Lobster Soup, Roast Lamb, Baked Squash, Green Corn cut from the Cob, Sweet Potatoes.

On the menu for dessert:  Rock-work

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Quick Lobster Soup

1 quart of stock, made by adding a little water to the strained remnant of yesterday’s soup. Or, if you have nothing of this sort, make a broth of coarse bits of veal and any bones you may have, 1 can of preserved lobster, 1 cup of milk, with a pinch of soda stirred in, 2 tablespoonfuls of butter, rolled in flour, yolks of 2 eggs, minced parsley, cayenne, and salt.

Heat your broth, skim and season. Put in the lobster, picked to pieces, simmer ten minutes, then boil up sharply, once. Heat the milk in a sauce pan, stir in the floured butter, pour upon the beaten yolks. Cook one minute. Pour the lobster into the tureen, stir in the thickened milk, and send to table. Pass oyster crackers and butter with it.

Roast Lamb

Lay in the dripping-pan. Dash boiling water over it, and cook fifteen minutes for each pound. Baste often with the gravy. Ten minutes before taking it up, dredge with flour, and baste with butter. Pour the fat from the top of the gravy, thicken with browned flour, and stir in a tablespoonful of currant jelly. Boil, and send up in a boat-salting and peppering to taste.

Baked Squash

Boil, drain, and mash in a hot colander. Season with pepper, salt, and butter, add a few spoonfuls of milk and two beaten eggs. Pour into a buttered dish, and bake to a light brown in a quick oven.

Green Corn cut from the Cob

Boil the corn until tender. Split each row of grains, then shave them close to the cob. Butter, pepper, and salt, and serve hot in a deep dish.

Sweet Potatoes

Boil with the skins on, peel quickly, and lay in a baking-pan, within a hot oven, a few minutes, to dry, before piling them upon a flat dish.


1 quart of milk, 5 eggs, 6 tablespoonfuls of sugar, vanilla, or other essence.

Heat the milk, pour upon the beaten yolks and sugar. Cook until the custard begins to thicken. Pour out, and, when cold, flavor, and pour into a glass bowl. Whip the whites stiff with two spoonfuls of the sugar, flavor, and poach by laying, a spoonful at a time, upon boiling milk, and, carefully withdrawing the spoon from underneath, leaving the oval mass of meringue floating upon the surface. Turn it over when one side is done, and, presently, take it up, and lay upon the custard. Heap them irregularly on the top, and let all get cold before serving. Pass light cakes with this custard.

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