Wise Words About Women No. 15

Wise Words About Women No. 15

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These wise words from Good Housekeeping in 1886 celebrates the depth of emotion and tenderness within good women’s hearts, emphasizing the significance of dressing with a touch of poetry. It praises women who enhance everyday life with their captivating qualities, particularly their ability to share in both joys and sorrows. The passage also underscores the transformative power of motherhood, highlighting its ability to bring about courage, selflessness, and love in various aspects of life.

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Wise words about women, advice from Good Housekeeping published in 1886

  • Oh, if the loving, closed heart of a good woman should open before a man, how much controlled tenderness, how many veiled sacrifices and dumb virtues, would be seen reposing there.
  • Good dressing includes a suggestion of poetry. One nowhere more quickly detects sentiment than in dress. A well dressed woman in a room should fill it with poetic sense, like the perfume of a flower.
  • The most fascinating women are those that can most enrich the every-day moments of existence. In a particular and attaching sense, they are those that can partake of our pleasures and our pains in the liveliest and most devoted manner. Beauty is little without them, with it, she is indeed triumphant.
  • Mighty is the force of motherhood! It transforms all things by its vital heat, it turns timidity into fierce courage, and dreadless defiance into tremulous submission, it turns thoughtlessness into foresight, and yet stills all anxiety into calm content, it makes selfishness become self-denial, and gives even to hard vanity the glance of admiring love.

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