Wise Words from 1886 – No. 11

Wise Words from 1886 – No. 11

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In these wise words about women from Good Housekeeping published in 1886, the focus is on the importance of placing the sexes in respectful relations, which enhances the charm of women and contributes to a refined society. It also humorously reflects on the idea that, in marriage, the union of goods and possessions sometimes takes precedence over mutual love or compatibility of minds.

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WISE WORDS ABOUT WOMEN – From Good Housekeeping published in 1886

  • Place the sexes in right relations of mutual respect, and a severe morality gives that essential charm to woman which educates all learning that is delicate, conversation, poetic, and witself, in sacrificing her rough, mate breeds, so courtesy that I have and thought a sufficient measure of civilization is the influence of good women.
  • When a couple are now to be married, mutual love or union of minds is the last and most trifling consideration. If their goods and chattels can be brought to unite, their sympathetic souls are ever ready to guarantee the treaty. The gentleman’s mortgaged lawn becomes enamored of the lady’s marriageable grove, the match is struck up, and both parties are piously in love, according to act of Parliament.

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