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Life Sketches and Recipes of Lovely Antique Ladies

These are links to the life sketch and recipe list for ladies that have a page created for them.  This page will continue to be updated as the pages are put together.  I currently have over 150 ladies I am creating life sketches and recipe lists for.  They will be listed in alphabetical order by the surname they submitted most of their recipes under.

Last names A-F

Florence Isadora McCauley Adams

Sarah Fannie Clark Rothrick Allison

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Reinhard Brandenburg

Adele Cummings Sherburne Weitzel Brown

Amy Horton Rogers Byers

Jeannie Mandell Brown Giffin Cencirulo

Wilhelmina Louise “Minnie” Langhorst Church

Mildred Gladys Kadow Claunch

Sophie Jellett Clough

Elizabeth Anne Corbett

Elvezia Buletti Corfu

Ethel Williams Davis

Belle Rankin Shattuck De Graf

Anna Jane “Tootie” Mooney De Turk

Susie M Beeson Dornberger

Alma Edith Eddy

Lydia Farnlof


Last names G-K

Cora Myrtle Sharits Floyd Van Etten Gephart Ammerman

Ada Belle Zepp Gernand Rutter

Jane Estelle “Stella” Gawley Rhew Haggard

Catherine Schmidt Hammond

Loretta Mary Hyde

Jeannette Catherine Mahrt Iden

Mary Camille Parker Jochmus

Sarah Melvine “Mellie” Herr Kauffman


Last names L-P

Katherine Adeline Langhorst Groth

Viva Jane Roberts Lefter

Fanny Dale Lusk

Elizabeth Lily Meader Lux

Mary Claire “May” O’Meara Melson

Mary Escott McConnell Knowlton

Elizabeth Doyle Parker

Lettie Mae Pursey Abbott


Last Names Q-U

Mabel Eugenia Larsh Raybourne

Clara Louise Wright Rockwood

Grace A Rutherford Doidge

Anna Rice Somers

Valasta Barbara Krejci Stech

Lula May Brockman Stevenson

Sarah Elizabeth “Lizzie” Tracy


Last Names V-Z

Florence Victoria Walker

Marie Schurbohm Wright

Lillian May “Lily” Chapman Young

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