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Mrs. Belle De Graf’s Breakfast Recipes


Recipe Categories



Broiled Bacon on Tomato Toast
Cheese Toast and Bacon
Coddled Apples
Cold Water Oatmeal
Cream of Wheat with Dates
French Toast
Prune Toast
Rice With Fruit


Asparagus and Poached Eggs
Asparagus Tip Omelet
Bacon and Potato Omelet
Baked Eggs With Cheese
Baked Eggs with Mashed Potatoes
Banana Omelet
Bread Omelet
Cheese Omelet
Coddled Egg
Combinations for Omelets
Creamed Poached Eggs
Creamy Scrambled Eggs
Creole Eggs
Curried Eggs
Eggs a la King
Eggs and Asparagus
Eggs and Cheese Cream on Toast
Eggs and Mushrooms
Eggs Baked in Poato Cases
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Brouilli
Eggs Marine
Eggs With Spinach
Green Pepper Omelet
Ham Omelet
Italian Omelet
Jelly Omelet
Oyster Omelet
Oyster Omelet No. 1
Oyster Omelet No. 2
Poached Egg
Poached Eggs California
Poached Eggs With Cheese Sauce
Poached Eggs With Sauce Bearnaise
Poached Eggs With Spinach
Puffy Omelet
Scalloped Eggs
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs and Cheese
Scrambled Eggs With Mushrooms
Shirred Eggs
Shirred Eggs Creole
Shirred or Baked Egg
Soft Cooked Eggs
Spanish Omelet
Spanish Omelette
Strawberry Omelet
Stuffed Eggs
Tomato Omelet
Tuscan Tortino With Mushrooms

Pancakes & Waffles

Bread Griddle Cake
Breadcrumbs Griddle Cake
Cornmeal Waffles
Delicious Pancakes
Entire Wheat Waffles
Flour Pancakes
French Pancake
French Pancakes
Giddle Cakes
Graham Waffles
Griddle Cakes
Rice Griddle Cakes
Rice or Cereal Waffles
Rice Waffles
Self-Raising Flour Pancakes
Sour Milk Pancakes
Sour Milk Waffles
Sweet Milk Waffles
Sweet Rice Cakes

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