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Mrs. Belle De Graf’s Dessert Recipes


Recipe Categories




Almond Sponge Cake
Angel Cake
Apple Cake
Apple-Sauce Cake
Baking Powder Sponge Cake
Banana Sponge
Camp Shortcake
Cheese Cake
Chocolate Cakes
Chocolate Nougat Cake
Christmas Fruit Cake
Cocoa Sponge Cake
Devil’s Food Cake
Eggless Fruit Cake
French Loaf Cake
Fruit Cake
Golden Cake
Golden Spice Cake
Jelly Roll
Lady Finger Cake
Layer Cake
Little Cheese Cakes
Little Pound Cakes
Marshmallow Cake
Marshmallow Gingerbread
Nut Cakes
Old-Fashioned Shortcake
One-Egg Cake
One-Egg Chocolate Cake
Orange Cream Cake
Orange Cream Filling
Peach Short Cake
Plain Sponge Cake
Pound Cake
Prune Cake Filling
Quick Cake
Quick Coffee Cake
Raisin Pound Cake
Short Cake
Small Sponge Cakes
Sponge Cake
Standard Cake
Standard Layer Cake
Strawberry Shortcake
Walnut Cake
Walnut Loaf Cake
White Cake
White Layer Cake
Yellow Sponge Cake


Allegrette Chocolates
Candied Orange Peel
Chocolate Creams
Chocolate Fudge
Glace Nuts
Grapes Glace
Molasses Taffy
Nut, Date and Chocolate Sweetmeat
Peanut Brittle
Peanut Butter Fudge
Peanut Candy
Raisin and Walnut Fudge
Raisin Candy
Walnut Chocolate Fudge
Walnut Creams


Drop Cookies
Flaked Wheat Cookies
Frosted Cookies
Oatmeal Cookies
Rolled Oat Cookies
Rolled Oat Fruit Cookies
Rolled Oat Macaroons
Sand Tarts
Scotch Shortbread
Sugar Cookies


Almond Meringues
Apple Cobbler
Apple Gingerbread
Apple Meringue
Apple Roll
Apple Snow
Apply Dumplings
Apricot Souffle
Baked Apples and Bananas
Baked Bananas
Baked Cocoanut Custard
Baked Prunes
Banana Charlotte Russe
Banana Fritters
Bar le Duc Currants
Biscuit Tortoni
Brown Betty
Caramel Jelly
Charlotte Russe
Chocolate Bavarian Cream
Chocolate Macaroon Cream
Chocolate Roll
Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Sauce for Ice Cream
Chocolate Souffle
Christmas Charlotte Russe
Christmas Eclairs
Cream Puffs
Cream Whips
Custard Sauce
Fig Chocolate Russe
French Cream Filling
Fruit Bavarians
Fruit Cobbler
Fruit Cobbler No. 1
Fruit Cobbler No. 2
Fruit Cup
Fruit Mosses
Fruit Mousses
Fruit Souffle
Ginger Apples
Glazed Apples with Raisins
Hard Sauce
Hot Water Ginger Bread
How To Whip Cream
Jellied Apples
Jellied Raisins and Nuts
Lemon Jelly
Maple Mousse
Marshmallow Cream
Merinques or Kisses
Mocha Charlotte Russe
Mock Besquit Tortoni
Mock Bisquit Tortoni
Molded Fruit Cream
Orange Charlotte
Orange Jelly
Orange Rice Bavarian
Orange Sabyn Sauce
Orange Turnovers
Peach Cobbler No. 1
Peach Cobbler No. 2
Pineapple and Cherry Conserve
Pineapple Cream
Pineapple Parfait
Plain Fuit Creams
Prune Bavarian Cream
Prune Blanc Mange
Prune Charlotte
Prune Confection
Prune Dumplings
Prune or Fruit Dumplings
Prune Souffle
Prune Tarts
Prune Whip
Raisin and Walnut Souffle
Raisin Pinwheels
Raisin Sundae
Raspberry Charlotte Russe
Rice and Apple Compote
Rice Bavarian
Rice Dainty
Spanish Cream
Steamed Fruit Roll
Strawberry Filling
Strawberry Parfait
Strawberry Whip
Stuffed Prunes
Substitute For Whipped Cream
Sweet Fruit Salad
Tapioca Cream
To Whip Cream
Tutti Fruitti Squares
Uncooked Meringue
Uncooked Souffle


Apple Fritters
Cheese Fritters
Corn Fritters
Fritter Batter
Fruit or Vegetables Fritters


Boiled Icing
Butter Scotch Cream Filling
Caramel Filling
Caramel Icing
Chocolate Cream Filling
Chocolate Icing
Chocolate Icing and Filling
Chocolate Mocha Filling
Cocoanut Cream Filling
Confectioner’s Icing
Confectioners Icing for Eclairs
Cooked Icing
Cream Filling Royal
Divinity Icing
Fudge Filling
Gelatine Icing
Jelly Icing
Lemon Cream Filling
Marshmallow Filling (Not actual recipe)
Marshmallow Icing (Needs to post alone with variations)
Mocha Cream Filling
Mocha Filling
Nut Caramel Icing
Orange Filling
Pineapple Cream Filling
Plain Cream Filling
Quick Icing
Raisin Chocolate Filling
Tutti-Frutti Icing or Filling
Waldorf Cake Filling
Waldorf Filling
Walnut Cream Filling
Walnut Filling

Ice Cream

Bisque Ice Cream
Coffee Ice Cream
French Ice Cream
Frozen Custard of French Ice Cream
Frozen Pudding
Philadelphia Ice Cream
Pineapple Ice
Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Water
Strawberry Water Ice
Water Ice


Apple Pie
Banana Raisin Pie
Butterscotch Pie
Cheese Pie
Custard Pie
Date Pie
Flaky Pastry
Lemon Pie
Lemon Raisin Pie
Lemon Sponge Pie
Molasses Pie
Orange Souffle Pie
Plain Pastry
Prune Pie
Puff Pastry
Pumpkin and Nut Pie
Pumpkin or Squash Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Raisin Pie
Sour Cream Pie
Strawberry Pie


Apple Marshmallow Pudding
Apple Pudding
Baked Custard
Baked Fruit Pudding
Blanc Mange Pudding
Blanchanage or Cornstarch Pudding
Boiled Custard
Bread and Butter Pudding
Bread Pudding
Butter Scotch Rice Pudding
Butterscotch-Rice Pudding
Cake Trifla
Caramel Custard
Carmel Custard
Carmel Sauce
Cereal Pudding
Chocolate Corn Starch
Chocolate Custard
Chocolate Pudding Sauce
Cocoanut Bread Pudding
Coconut Pudding
Corn Pudding
Cottage Pudding
Creamy Rice Pudding
Custard Rice Pudding
Fig Tapioca
Floating Island
Frozen Plum Pudding
Frozen Rice Pudding
Graham Pudding
Hot Pudding Sauce
Indian Pudding
Jelly Pancake
Marshmallow Cream Pudding
Marshmallow Strawberry Pudding
Meringue Method
Minute Pudding
Pineapple Blancmange
Plain Custard
Plain Plum Pudding
Plain Rice Pudding
Plum Pudding
Prune and Rice Pudding
Prune Pudding
Queen of Puddings
Raisin Blanc Mange
Rice Fruit Pudding
Rolled Oat Pudding
Steamed Carrot Pudding
Yorkshire Pudding


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