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Mrs. Belle De Graf’s Meat Dish Recipes


Recipe Categories



Beefsteak Pie
Braised Liver
Camp Pot Pie
Camp Stew
Cooking Steak in Pan
Corned Beef Hash
Gabbro Sauce and Meat
Meat Loaf Creole
Rice and Meat Loaf
Roasting Beef
Rolled Oat Timbales
Stuffed Shoulder
Stuffed Steak
Tamale Loaf


Chicken A La King
Chicken Casserole
Chicken Croquettes
Chicken Pie
Chicken Timbales
Meat Croquettes
Meat Souffle
Modled Chicken, Chef Style
Panned Chicken
Roast Chicken
Scalloped Chicken

Fish & Seafood

Anchovy Sauce
Baked Kippered Herring
Boiled Fish
Clam or Oyster Fritters
Crab Meat Timbales
Creamed Fish
Filets of Sole, Cheese Sauce
Finnan Haddie
Fish au Gratin
Flaked Fish Au Gratin
Fried Filets of Fish
Lobster Wiggle
Maitre D’Hotel Butter
Mock Hollandaise Sauce
Oyster and Celery Salad
Oyster Cocktail
Oyster Dressing
Oyster Poulette
Oyster Scallop
Oyster Stuffing
Scotch Woodcock
Shrimp Canapes
Swedish Baked Fish


Boiled Leg of Mutton
Breaded Lamb Chops
Fricassee of Lamb
Lamb Casserole
Lamb Curry
Lambs’ Kidneys
Leg of Roast Lamb
Pan-Broiled Lamb Chops
Ragout of Lamb or Mutton
Shoulder of Lamb
Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb


Baked Ham with Brown Sauce
Baked Pork Chops with Potatoes
Ham Timbales
Roast Pork
Shoulder of Pork


Welsh Rabbit


Braised Turkey
Roast Turkey


Veal Chops, Italian
Veal Croquettes
Veal Cutlets



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