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Mrs. Belle De Graf’s Side Dish Recipes


Recipe Categories



Boston Baked Beans
Lima Beans, Creole
Pink Beans Spanish
Red Beans, Spanish


Cheese Croquettes
Cheese Fondue
Cheese Souffle
Welsh Rarebit


Apple Rings
Apple Sauce
Baked Bananas and Raisins
Fruit Cocktail
Mixed Fruit Cocktail
Sauce for Fruit Cocktail
Sauted Apples with Salt Pork or Bacon
Stuffed Peaches or Pears


Apple and Celery Salad
California Salad
Celery and Apple Salad
Combination Fruit Salad
Cucumber-Pimento Salad
Fruit and Celery Salad
Grapefruit Salad
Orange Jelly Salad
Orange Salad
Prune and Cottage Cheese Salad
Raisin Salad
Raisin, Apple and Celery Salad
Salad Combinations
Salad of Tongue and Spinach

Stuffed Beet Salad
Stuffed Prune Salad
Stuffed Tomato Salad
Tango Salad
Vegetable Salad
Waldorf Salad
Watermelon Salad


Asparagus in Milk
Asparagus Shortcake
Baked Cream Squash
Baked Onions
Baked Stuffed Onions
Baked Turnips
Boiled Asparagus
Boiled Cabbage
Broiled Mushrooms
Browned Onions
Brussels Sprouts
Buttered Beets
Celery and Cheese Au Gratin
Celery In White Sauce
Corn Custard
Creamed Cabbage
Creamed Carrots
Creamed Spinach
Dainty Cabbage
Diced Turnips
Escalloped Onions
Fried Celery
Fried Corn, Mexican Fashion
Fried Egg Plant
Fried Eggplant
Fried Summer Squash
Glace Carrots
Glazed Carrots
Gnocchi Coi Funghi
Green Peas
Green peas maitre d’Hotel
Hot Slaw
Onions With Peanut Butter
Parsnip Balls
Parsnip Cakes
Pepper Pulp
Peppers for Seasoning
Plain Boiled Peppers
Polenta Coi Funghi (Mush With Mushrooms)
Quick Cabbage
Scalding Mushrooms
Scalloped Onions
Scalloped Vegetables
Spinach Souffle
Steamed Squash
Stuffed Eggplant
Stuffed Green Peppers
Stuffed Peppers
Stuffed Tomatoes
Stuffed Vegetables
Sweet Potatoes Southern
To Boil Green Peas
Tomato Jelly Salad
Vegetable Fritters
Vegetables Au Gratin

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