Elizabeth Doyle Parker

BIRTH: 7 SEP 1878  San Francisco, California

DEATH: 17 JUN 1954  San Francisco, California


Life history coming soon



Baked Steak Spanish Style
Beefsteak and Kidney Pie
Biscuit Sandwiches
Caramel Sauce and Bananas
Casserole Recipe
Chicken Salad Eclairs
Deviled Young Onions
Lemon Pie
Molasses Cake
Nut and Raisin Rolls
Omelette A La Peruquier
Pillau of Veal
Pork Chops
Potato Recipe
Rainbow Cream
Red Poppy Salad
Rice Crumpets
Rolled Oats Cookies
Scotch Shortbread
Spanish Omelet
Stuffed Steak
Veal Shortcakes
Vegetable En Casserole
Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Beef

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