Elizabeth Lily Meader Lux


Elizabeth Lily Meader Lux was born March 15, 1862 in San Francisco, California.  She is the daughter of Alexander Jenkins Meader and Annie Rigney.

Elizabeth is eight years old and living with her family in San Francisco in 1870.  Alexander is working in the occupation of stevedore. This is a person unloading cargo from ships.  Elizabeth’s mother, Annie is keeping house.  Elizabeth’s siblings are Alex, Frank and Joseph.

In 1880, the family is living on Vallejo Street in San Francisco.  Alexander’s occupation is still a stevedore.  The household is Alexander, Annie, Elizabeth, Frank, Joseph and Edward.  All of the children are attending school.

By 1900, Elizabeth is living with her mother on Pine Street in San Francisco. They own the house free from a mortgage.  Her father passed away in 1890.  On this census, her mother is shown to have 5 children born and only 4 living.  Elizabeth is working as a school teacher.

Marriage to George Henry Lux

In 1903, Elizabeth marries George Henry Lux, becoming Elizabeth Lily Meader Lux.  To this union, two children are born.  George Herbert Lux Jr. was born March 15, 1903 in San Francisco.  Annette Lux was born March 9, 1907 also in San Francisco, California.  In 1910, the family is living at 2420 Union Street, San Francisco and own the home free of a mortgage.  This is the home that Elizabeth will remain living until her death.  The year the house was built is 1906, so it is very likely they are the first family to live in the house.  George is working as a commerce traveler in the hardware industry.  Elizabeth is shown to have her own income, but no occupation.  George’s brother Abraham Lux and Elizabeth’s niece Alice Meader are living with the family.

On the 1920 census, the household is the same, but George’s brother isn’t living with the family.  However, Elizabeth’s niece, Alice, is still living with the family.  George is working as a salesman for a wholesale steel company.  No one else in the household has an occupation.

In 1930, Elizabeth is living with her husband and daughter.  They still own the home free from a mortgage and own a radio.

Elizabeth’s Death

Elizabeth Lily Meader Lux died on May 27, 1936 at her home on 2420 Union Street, San Francisco at 74 years of age.  She suffered an apoplectic stroke caused by hypertension on May 11th.  Her obituary is found in The San Francisco Examiner printed on May 28, 1936.  It reads: “Lux – In this city, May 27th, 1936, Elizabeth Lux, beloved wife of George H. Lux Sr., loving mother of George H. Jr. and Annette Lux, sister of Frank H. Meader, and the late Alexander J. and Joseph E. Meader; native of San Francisco.  Friends are invited to attend the funeral service at 10:30 a. m. Friday, May 29th, at Grays, Divisadero st. at Post, Interment, Holy Cross.


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