Marie Schurbohm Wright

DEATH: 19 JUL 1936  Santa Clara, California, USA


Life history coming soon.



A Realistic Watermelon
Almond Icing or Paste
Angel Food Cakes (With Raisins)
Artichokes Lyonnaise
Asparagus Steamed
Asparagus Steamed
Baked Mince Roll
Baltimore Toast
Bean Recipe
Bean Recipe
Bean Recipes
Beans Fried
Beef Stew, Italian Style
Boned Neck of Mutton
Branbury Cakes
Broiled Fowl
Burnt Almond Ice Cream
Candle Cup
Carrots Buttered
Cauliflower Aigrettes
Celery Salad
Chestnut Forcemeat
Claret and Strawberries
Clarified Apples
Clarified Apples with Sultana Raisins
Cocka Leekie
Corn and Nut Loaf
Corn Bread
Country Captian
Country Captian (Indian Recipe)
Crab Louie Dressing
Cream of Shrimps Soup
Crown Cupcake
Delicate Cake
Deviled Nuts and Raisins
Dill Pickles
Easter Cakes
Eccles Cake
Egg Biscuits
Endelliffe Buns
Fig Fritters
French Bread
Fried Pigs’ Feet
Frosting For Cake
Frozen Strawberry Juice
Fruit Pudding
Garlic Puree
Gateau of Rice
German Christmas Cake
German Method of Preserving Fruit
Gold Cake
Gooseberry and Raspberry Jam
Gooseberry Fool
Gooseberry Fool
Herrings, Fresh Pickled
Herrings, Fresh, Boiled
Hot Milk Sponge Cake
Ice Cream
Italian Strawberry Meringues
Jam Sauce (Pudding Sauce)
Jelly Sauce (Pudding Sauce)
Krebs Butter
Layer Cake
Leg of Mutton
Macaroni Pie
Nesselrode Pudding
Nut Squares
Onion and Pepper Salad
Onion Soup With Cheese
Onions Baked
Onions Bakin in Paper
Onions Boiled
Onions Fried
Ornamental Froth for Blanc Mange
Ox Tail With Oysters
Oyster Sandwiches
Oyster Sausage
Parsley Fried For Garnishing
Pastry For One Pie
Pickled Onions
Pineapple Sandwiches
Pink Rarebit
Pompadour Pudding (a French Recipe)
Pork Sausage French
Potted Shrimps
Preserved Rhubarb
Raisin Bread Soup
Raisin Drop Cakes
Raisin Sandwich
Raisin Sauce for Beef Tongue
Raisins Stewed For Plain Pudding
Red Currant Jelly
Rhubarb and Orange Jam
Rhubarb and Raspberry Jam
Rhubard and Strawberry Jam
Rice A La California
Rice A La Custard
Rice and Egg Stew
Rice and Egg Stew
Rice Cake
Rice Dish
Rice Pudding
Rice Water (Good for diarrhea)
Rich White Loaf Cake
Roast Turkey
Rose Custard Sauce (Pudding Sauce)
Royal Salad
Royal Sauce (Pudding Sauce)
Russian Sandwiches
Six-Cup Pudding
Smelts as Cooked in Germany
Soft Spice Cake
Spanish Olio
Spanish Onions, Pickled
Spead Eagle With Tomato Sauce
Spice Cake
Stewed Onions and Cheese
Stewed Raisin Cake
Strawberries In Jelly
Strawberry and Pineapple Jam
Strawberry Bavarian Cream
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Frapina
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Mayonnaise
Strawberry Pudding, Fruit Salad
Strawberry Puffs
Strawberry Salad
Stuffed Cucumbers
Stuffed Eggplant (a Turkish Recipe)
Stuffed Onions
Stuffed Tomatoes
Sunkist Strawberries
Sweet Potato Biscuits
Sweetbreads, Calves
Sweetbreads, Fried
Tcheureks (Greek Easter Cakes)
Thousand Island Cocktail
Three-Minute Cake
Tomato Sandwich
Tomatoes A La Diable
Tomatoes Stuffed With Sausage
Tripe Fried
Tripe, Tomatoes and Spinach
Truffle Essence
Turkey Truffled
Turnips au Beurre
Veal Loaf Curried
Vegetables to Sweat
Venison Roast
Welsh Rarebit
White Macaroons
Yorkshire Muffins

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