Mary Camille Parker Jochmus

BIRTH: 15 JAN 1876  California, USA

DEATH: 23 MAR 1964  Fresno, Fresno, California, USA


Life history coming soon.



Baked Oysters
Buttermilk Muffins
Canned Beets for Summer
Canned Grapes
Canteloupes With Nut Ice Cream
Cheese, Pear and Nut Salad
Chocolate Pears
Eggs With Fish For Friday
Flower in the Mold of Jelly
Hot Compote of Pears
Indian Meal and Muffins
Lapland Muffins
Lemon Rice Pudding
Maple Sauce
Marmalade – French Source
Old Virginia Shortcakes
Pear Tart
Preparing Cabbage
Velvet Muffins
What’s What in Vegetables

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