Wilhelmina Louise “Minnie” Langhorst Church

BIRTH: 24 NOV 1883  Cromberg, CA

DEATH: 19 APRIL 1978  Sparks, NV


Relatives with recipes

Sister: Katherine Adeline Langhorst Groth

Life history coming soon.



Baked Apple Sauce
Breakfast Potatoes
Canned String Beans
Cauliflower En Casserole
Delicious Beet Salad
Escalloped Summer Squash
Fish au Gratin
Hot Pot
Hot Potato Salad
Luncheon Stew
Meat Dish
Mock Mince Pie
Novel Dessert
Nut Gingerbread
Olla Podrida (A Spanish Recipe)
Pork Chop Pie
Potato Cream Soup
Prune Dessert
Raisin and Apple Pie
Rhubarb and Raisin Pie
Rice and Tomato Bisque
Savory Greens
Strawberry Fritters
Stuffed Turnips
Tomato and Onion Omelet
Tongue Roast
Veal Sausages
Walnut Cake

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